It’s like you are in this endless dream that you won't ever wake up from. Oh, and Wild Calling is the reason why you never will. With his new track, “Freedom," he will pull you in and make you feel emotionally attached to his beats and melodies. The soft heart-felt piano and airy ambiance gives Wild Calling’s new song life and immense tranquility. This beautiful piece is just a glimpse as to what he will be presenting to us in the near future and we all know it’s going to be breathtaking! Being his first release off his upcoming album, below I asked Wild Calling a few questions about his new music and what we can anticipate. Enjoy! 

Also, you can listen to "Freedom" by Wild Calling below!

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What was the inspiration behind creating your new song "Freedom"?

Freedom was inspired by the idea of minimalism. I have been trying to simplify different parts of my own life to be able to focus and enjoy the parts that matter most. This includes simplifying my diet, wardrobe, relationships, phone and social media presence. I'm still working out the kinks, but 'Freedom' was written right after I began this process and was inspired by how minimalism has improved my life so far. 

How would you describe your upcoming album?

Although I'm still in the early stages of writing the album, I can speak to it a bit. I think a great way to describe the central concept of the album is with the word 'deconstructed.' I'm applying principles of minimalism into my production process to write music that is solely based around my ideas and less around my other influences. By doing this, I'm finding that I can focus on a few great ideas in each song rather than a lot of bad or okay ideas. I think that the attention to detail and honesty in the music will resonate with people. 

Who/what inspired you to create this album?

I was inspired to begin writing the album when I started to understand principles of minimalism and how they can apply to different parts of life; not just de-cluttering your home. I want to stop making music for other people and start making it for myself. I think that being able to eliminate that pressure simplifies how I produce and allows me to focus on the ideas I really love and want to bring to life. 

What do you hope listeners will feel when listening to your new album?

I want listeners to hear me in my music. After I finished 'Freedom,' for the first time ever I felt like I could say that this is the music that has existed in my head for so long. I think that approaching art from an honest angle gives us each the opportunity to contribute something unique and important to the world. I hope that, through this album, people can get a sense for how my own mind works and what is important to me. 


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