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Nothing but cuteness oozes out from this unique artist! QT Milk creates illustrations that form into eye candy that can never get too sweet. From the bright and complementary colors she chooses to the characters she creates, QT Milk gathers her imagination to create art that will only amaze you. Milk also collaborates and brands: she Twitter branded music artist Roger Clark, collaborated with the anime streaming platform Crunchyroll, and is responsible for the bubbly branding of the artist collective, Rora Collective, plus many more! In every piece she constructs together, QT Milk is able to create visuals that show and express her personality. All you feel when looking at her creations is the love and passion she obtains for the art she produces. Being an artist at this year's Rora Collective's RorAX pop-up art show, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview QT Milk and ask about her inspirations and intriguing visual art. Hope you enjoy!

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New artist alert! Forher's newest release, titled "Unluck," is a fragile and silky song that fills your ears up with nothing but bliss and beauty. Featuring the pretty chopped vocals of Island Fox, this one minute and forty second piece makes you crave for more of what forher has to offer. From the United Kingdom, this 21 year old producer keeps his music fresh and gravitates all your attention with every beat and melody. With his gentle instrumentals and deep sound design, forher is a producer who you should keep an eye on!

Below you can listen to forher's "Unluck" featuring Island Fox and enjoy the tender sounds he presents to you!

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"SUNRISE CUTIE"Written by: AREN The new original song, “Sunrise Cutie” by TOFUKU, is an amazing new hit and we love every second of it! “Sunrise Cutie’’ is a stellar song providing a cutesy feel and also a heartwarming experience. The song was truly made from the heart, with every lyric TOFUKU’s beautiful voice projects, it makes for a one of a kind tune.  “Sunrise Cutie” was released through Rora Collective on June 25th. Being TOFUKU's first original, it made a great hit on SoundCloud with over 2,000+ plays. The lyrics being the core part of the song really give off an ambient feel of love and charm. TOFUKU's release is captivating with its imagery that this song puts to your mind when you first take a listen. This song is the perfect background music for sitting with you and your special someone. In this setting, both of you are on a cloud while the sunrise is happening and a flock of doves wisp away, leaving a trail of radiant sparkles that glisten and light up th…


Avidd is always testing and pushing boundaries when it comes to making music. With his new remix of Scatman John's "Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)," avidd brings a rare production unlike nothing you have ever heard. In his version of "Scatman," he retains some of the track's original ravey pulse and energy, but then he surprises us by turning it into a heavy hard hitting track.  By giving the remix a trap foundation to play off of, this is simply everything you would want from an avidd creation. If you need a track to bring a party to a whole other level, avidd's remix of "Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop)" is the banger to turn on!

Below you can listen to "Scatman (avidd remix) ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop." 
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Blippo is a new artist from Florida that creates beautiful beats. Blippo has been working on his “American Boy” by Estelle and Yeezy remix for quite a while now. The process was a long one; it took him about 5 times just for him to reach that sweet spot with the remix. But when he hit that perfect mark, he hit it hard! The song offers a beautiful variety of beats ranging from very subtle Mario samples to amazing drum beats. The retro and modernist feel he brings just makes the song all the better. Blippo’s remix “someday (take me on a trip)” is one of the most beautiful and relaxing songs I've listened to in a while. Please take a listen…it is worth every second.

Below you can take a listen to "someday (take me on a trip)" by blippo!

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His music is able to convey his thoughts so simply yet so complex that you don't know how to wrap your mind around the heavy sensation of emotionally driven music he drops upon you. Being one of my favorite upcoming artists at the moment, Daydreamer creates music for you to feel his devotion and love of music as a whole. His radiant new EP, titledSenses, which was released on June 10th, established an excellent first step into his music career. The EP projects the views of what he is inspired by and what motivates him to produce music, giving listeners a sense of who he is as both an artist and person. Having his first tracks fromSenses, "Swoon" and "Skyscrapers," be released via MrSuicideSheep, Daydreamer is a musical treasure who is gradually emerging into the electronic music scene. He is only just beginning to pave his way and I thought it would be a great idea to ask him some questions about his inspirations, music, and artist backgrou…


The Rora Collective is throwing a special event where both music and art fuse together to create a great experience for everyone to enjoy. We are excited to announce that Melting of Age will be doing its first ever event coverage for Rora's RorAX event on Saturday, July 2nd. With its amazing lineup and pop up show, RorAX will definitely be something you do not want to miss. The entire Melting of Age team will be attending and making sure we do our very best to document our experience at RorAX!

We hope to see you there!

PS. we have something special to give out while at the function...hint: look for our team member Aren at RorAX! ;)

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"HYPERLOOP" Voia just seems to never disappoint with every release he delivers to us. "Hyperloop" is just one of the many tracks Voia created where the song brings a stirring of emotion and passion that resonates immensely well with its listeners. His new DnB inspired release is filled with uplifting bright melodies and heart-felt words making the song a perfect first single for his upcoming album, futuresong. Voia tends to not only create music that is vividly strong with instrumentals but also generates powerful inspiring lyrics that makes him unparalleled. Below I had the opportunity to ask Voia a few prime questions about the inspiration behind the track, "Hyperloop," along with talk about his unreleased album! Enjoy! 

You can also listen to and share Voia's "Hyperloop" below and download here!
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What/who were the inspirations behind "Hyperloop"?
“Hyperloop,” as well as my past 3 sin…


It’s cute. It’s bubbly. It’s everything you would want in a quick sweet track from underd0g and PPR Panda. With the original song of "Bubblegum" by Donatachi having a soft pop sound, these two producers turned it into a completely different beat. Released via Pedicure Records, their remix shows how jersey club and nightcore styles can fuse into one unique track. Compact with twinkling melodies and vocals, underd0g and PPR Panda brought something quite different for your ears to enjoy! Down below I asked them both a few questions about their fizzy collaboration in the hopes for you to get a sense of what went on behind the track. 
Also, you can take a listen to underd0g and PPR Panda's remix of "Bubblegum" below!
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Why did you both decide on collaborating together?

underd0g: I have always loved Jersey Club and once…


"FREEDOM" It’s like you are in this endless dream that you won't ever wake up from. Oh, and Wild Calling is the reason why you never will. With his new track, “Freedom," he will pull you in and make you feel emotionally attached to his beats and melodies. The soft heart-felt piano and airy ambiance gives Wild Calling’s new song life and immense tranquility. This beautiful piece is just a glimpse as to what he will be presenting to us in the near future and we all know it’s going to be breathtaking! Being his first release off his upcoming album, below I asked Wild Calling a few questions about his new music and what we can anticipate. Enjoy! 

Also, you can listen to "Freedom" by Wild Calling below!

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What was the inspiration behind creating your new song "Freedom"?
Freedom was inspired by the idea of minimalism. I have been trying to simplify different parts of …


"NO MORE"Written by: AREN Atris is an nXc (Nightcore) producer based in Seattle. Atris is a young artist clocking in at the age of 17 and is a well known member amongst the nXc community. If you ever need a song that hits hard and goes swift, Atris will always have you covered and with his new song “No More,” released via nXc Mansion, he is no exception. His new song paces at a speed of 140 BPM, like all of nXc, this song will keep you fast and lifted. “No More” was highly anticipated for greatness and it surely came through! If you ever need a great perk-me-up, Atris’s new track or any of the other songs from nXc Mansion will make you go wild!
Below you can take a listen to "No More" by Atris! 

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"PHO" NoxInBox just released a track, titled "Pho," this week and it's a killer one! With the launch pad teaser he released via YouTube, we already knew this one was going to be an outstanding release! With its Asian inspired sound and ultra loaded bass, NoxInBox really knocked it out of the park with "Pho." Being one of his heavier tracks, "Pho" brings additional attitude and depth to his musical portfolio. Giving you goose bumps when the beat lands in your ears, NoxInBox keeps surprising us with every track he delivers and never ceases to disappoint. Below you can take a listen to NoxInBox's "Pho" and share it with everyone you know. Enjoy!

Stream "Pho" on Spotify and iTunes and available for download here!

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There’s nothing stopping this Melbourne producer from making electronic music that can only be defined as original and untamed. After the release of his ultramodern EP, Stamina, nothing but praise has been gravitating towards him. As an artist apart of NLV Records, started by Nina Las Vegas, Swick is not afraid to experiment and twist different genres of electronic music together. In order to give us something rare and unheard of, he pushes boundaries with every song he releases. Such as his collaborations with Nina Las Vegas, “Don’t Send” the Cool Sports EP, and “Now or Never” also featuring C.Z., plus his NLV singles like “R6 Wheel” and “Sideline” featuring Eden xo, Swick is only innovating the electronic music scene even further. Below, I had the honor of interviewing the ingenious Swick to ask about his inspirations behind him and his music. Enjoy! 

Buy and Stream Stamina here!
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BLEND & PRESS PLAY This 17 song compilation titled, Blend & Press Play is a jewel waiting for your discovery. Smoothie Tunes is more than just an artist collective, event platform, music blog…they are a stepping stone for the music community to unite diverse artists together. And Blend & Press Play does exactly that! The best part of this compilation is that it’s totally something out of the ordinary. Smoothie Tunes is not afraid to fuse different styles of electronic music into one collection of songs. This Brooklyn based blog decided to feature innovative artists like, omniboi, Exitpost, ctrl+r, Jon Santana, cosmicosmo, Matthew Riley, and AIRWAV. You have soft and gentle tunes like sad eye’s “To Heaven,” yitaku and Celadon City’s “Evergloom,” and weird inside’s “49.” Then on the other hand there’s impactful rich tracks like Mallive’s “Star Walk,” Cosmic Quest’s “SolarThoughts,” and Michael Mason’s “Chatting by the River” featuring Ehiorobo. And when you thought Blend &…


"CHILDISH"Written by: ARENThe Washington D.C based artist, known as Warpstr, is only 15 years old and he is making some sick music! Warpstr has recently released a new song called “Childish” that has smooth beats, which creates a relaxing intro, but as it goes on it hits a lot harder towards the core of the track. “Childish” will keep you movin’ and goin’! He's an up n’ coming artist that produces some crazy jersey club influenced music so be sure to listen. Warpstr doesn't have much up right now, but the tracks that he does have up are truly magical.

Below you can take a listen to Warpstr's "Childish"! 

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"WHERE I'M GOING" Jerry Folk delivers yet another musical gem but this time also announces the plans to include his recent releases in a series titled, Kids Tape. So far, Jerry Folk keeps surprising us with each track he drops for the string of songs he's compiling together. "Where I'm Going" includes a jazzy trumpet, groovy bass guitar and keyboard instrumentals, plus he reveals his own tranquil voice that just somehow makes this track eclectic from the others. With words of curiosity and feelings of being cast into unknown emotional territory, the Norwegian producer experiments both lyrically and instrumentally.  Below you can take a listen to Jerry Folk's "Where I'm Going"! 

Also, make sure to catch him on his North America tour!
Link here!

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"MURDER" FT. K-MAJOR This smooth jam Strict Face just dropped should be an essential added into your daily playlist. Released via NLV Records, this enticing artist infuses flavors of R&B by Atlanta's K-Major serenading us with his tender harmonies. "Murder" is one of those songs that embody Strict Face's diversity when it comes to producing new and exciting music. This is something quite different from the Australian producer and it has us anticipating for his new EP that is said to be released soon!
Below you can listen to Strict Face's "Murder" featuring K-Major.

Stream the track on Spotify!

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"INTERMISSION" FT. JJ With this soft hypnotic tune, you're bound to fall under Myrne and Dirty Chocolate's melodic spell. Released via Daruma, "Intermission" melts your mind into a glossy liquid. JJ's silky voice sinks you into the song and brings your emotions in deeper with her lyrics describing ultimate feelings for another. If you just want a song to vibe internally and maybe externally with, this is the track you should listen to! "Intermission" starts down-tempo and steady, but as the beat moves along, you start to realize the brilliance of these two producers. Myrne and Dirty Chocolate really created something special and you can enjoy a listen below!

Stream "Intermission" on Spotify and buy on iTunes!

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Where do I even begin with describing how unique Princeling is? Princeling, aka Joey Phinn, is a London based artist who creates ardent and vibrant digital pieces that boggle your mind. She has done work for Hex Mania, VOIA, for the recent Paper Crane volume, and many more. Not only does Princeling peruse visual art, but she is also extremely brilliant with her way of words. She writes impeccably well and can not only transport you with her illustrations but with her various writings and writing styles as well. (Here's a recent written work) Princeling does more than merely consume your attention, but with her passion and talent, she is an inspiration to those who pursue any field of art. From the color schemes to the dynamic objects chosen, each piece obtains a life of its own, showing intense character and individuality. But honestly I shouldn't say anymore because, below, I had the honor to interview the passionate Princeling to …