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BARON LANTEIGN Written by: Zebrina Garcia If anyone is pushing the elements of visual art, it's Canadian resident, Baron Lanteigne. His digital practice holds your attention to different elements of perspective by using tools of video, sound, programming, and electronics. Diving into a virtual realm of his imagination, each project consists of ambitious human and digital conversions. Lanteigne progressively reforms the way art can be applied, digested, and displayed. For our next MEDIUM feature, read about Baron Lanteigne's journey in his artistic development and process. How long have you been creating art? idk What is your typical process for creating a virtually immersive piece? A typical animation requires the artist to frame the action and only create what is within the frame. This type of framing allows for very strong storytelling because every frame introduces a meaningful element or event and each frame is isolated from the other by a cut. In m