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PRODUCER: METS Ä From Seattle, Washington, Maxwell aka mets ä, is what I feel, a hidden gem with  enormous  skill and talent to offer. Each song he produces never fails to show the gallows of emotion and  positive  feelings he contains as an artist and person. This vibrant artist  is able to give you a wide range of musical styles, by using sounds of nature, violin, piano, and other various  electronic  elements,  mets ä's style can only be defined as music for the soul. From releasing a five track EP titled, Icicles to his numerous remixes like  Mothica's EP  Mystic   and Poly Pines's "Swordplay" ft. Kolada ,  mets ä has been creating incredible music that leads him to having the opportunity to collaborate with many artists, such as Madnap , for   a track  titled,  "Kokiri Forest,"  on Paper Crane's recent volume. There's no doubt why  mets ä won't be considered undiscovered very long. With the songs he passionately produces, he's


"TOTAL MELTDOWN" It's been a while since I've upload a mix onto my SoundCloud, XZXsound . Maybe it's been a little over due but trying to decide what tracks and flow I wanted for this mix took me quite sometime. But nonetheless I really hope you enjoy this 20 minute mix I title "Total Meltdown." Track List: 1. A L E J A N D R A – “KEYS” 2. Kid a – “Global” 3.   Flume – “Wall Fuck” (Melvv Remix) 4.   Autolaser & PLS&TY – “Used to This” ft. MOONZz (Vices Remix) 5.   O.T Genasis – “Cut It” (DJ Sliink & $JAYY Remix) 6.   Lux.Impala – “Glockspin” 7.   Mr. Carmack – “Pay For What” (Alexander Lewis Trombone Flip) 8.   Bishu – “Skurt” 9.   Desiigner – “Panda” (Ateph Elidja Edit) 10.   Ennnn – “Cause It’s Kinda Funky” (EGL Remix) 11.   Theophilus London – “Tribe” (Sliink & Nadus Remix) ($JAYY Remix) 12.   Ennnn – “Back it Up” 13. Slugab


HEX012: "STAY" Written by: AREN Onnanoko’s “Stay” is an amazing song. It’s one of those tracks that will leave you wanting more from this artist. Onnanoko is a producer from Kansas City who combined both juke and happy hardcore in his newest track “Stay”. Onnanoko has made multiple appearances under the  Hex Mania label  and this will yet be another spectacular release from Onnanoko. “Stay” will officially be released on Friday, May 27th via Hex Mania along with remixes by  Hercelot  and  Sam Carter ! Below you could take a listen to "Stay" and prepare yourself for what Hex Mania has in store for you!  Follow Onnanoko on: SoundCloud:  Onnanoko Twitter:  @onnanokodance Follow Hex Mania on: SoundCloud:  HEX MANIA Twitter:  @HexManiaLabel Website: Follow Aren on: SoundCloud:  Aren.jpg Twitter:  @ArenJpg


"DAISO" If you just want a song to make your day feel a little better, omniboi (1/2 of 2ToneDisco) and airynore can help with that. Their collaboration on "Daiso" is a simple and fun listen. Keeps your spirit up with sounds of guitar, soft piano melody, and high pitched vocals scattered throughout the track. It's one heck of a spontaneous piece that has a certain retro feel and twist.  Below, take a listen to Omni and Airy's "Daiso" and you'll never look at that dollar Japanese store the same again.   Follow omniboi on: SoundCloud: omniboi Twitter: @omniboi Follow airynore on: SoundCloud: airynore Twitter: @airynore


"HOLD ME" - OLMOS (METSÄ REMIX) Every time metsä drops a track, it’s never a disappointment. His new remix of Olmos’s “Hold Me” gives you the perfect example as to how he can make music for you to melt along to. Metsä brightens up his version of “Hold Me” and lifts the original downtempo track off the ground. Stamping the track with his signature breathy audio as well as twinkling around with various sounds and instrumentals, metsä delivers yet another heartwarming tune! Below download and take a listen to metsä’s remix of “Hold Me” and keep an eye out for the moves he’ll be making next. Keep up with  metsä on: SoundCloud:  metsä   Twitter: @madebymetsa Website: 


STAMINA Being the perfect next release from NLV Records , Stamina is an EP packed with energy and charisma. Swick's debut EP creates the ideal representation of what kind of unique artist he is in the electronic music scene. Featuring artists like Henrik the Artist, Spank Rock, Marcus Whale, and Eden xo, you are able to hear the different sounds Swick can deliver by joining forces with other creators. Every boggling track in Stamina has rapid and quick sounds with playful noise and scheme to swallow our attention. Tracks like "All the Way" feat. Marcus Whale, "Ticketz" feat. Spank Rock, and “Sideline” feat. Eden xo, Swick is able to provide this buzzy EP with vocal experimentation and variety for your ears to engage in, which is something I personally love. I highly recommend diving into Swick's new EP to hear a sound that is different from the ordinary. Below take a listen to Swick's Stamina and you can also stream it on Spotify and purchase it


"BABY AVO" Written by: AREN The song “Baby Avo” by producer Dugong Jr will definitely make you feel very relaxed, mellow and really upbeat. The song came out May 8, 2016 and was released as a premiere under the sub-label Good Enuff . Although the Australian based producer doesn’t release music too often, when he does you can always count on him for releasing some beautiful stuff.  Below you can take a listen to Dugong Jr’s “Baby Avo” and share it with everyone you know!  Keep up with Dugong Jr on: SoundCloud: Dugong Jr Twitter: @DugongJr Follow Aren on: SoundCloud: Aren.jpg Twitter: @ArenJpg


PRODUCER: AHH OOH After much praise with the recent release of Hebinomichi Vol.4 , I thought interviewing one of the co-founders would be an intriguing read. Ahh ooh is a special artist who incorporates guitar and electronic music elements in all his tunes. From Detroit, Ahh ooh plays around with all different rudiments of music to give you an unique song that you can radiantly move along to. From starting Herbinomichi, an online music collective, with co-founder Stelouse , to premiering on lineups such as Lightning in a Bottle ’s 2016 Music Festival, Ahh ooh has been packing in the work to deliver his all for his devoted listeners.  One unique aspect each of his tracks obtains is his stylistic way of playing with guitar. I think having this in is music gives him an edge some artists don’t have. With funk and spacey vibes, Ahh ooh packages together a smooth and indie like sound unlike any other with tracks such as “ Motown Milkyway ”, off the Journey Prime EP, and recent release “


ALIZZZ & ELECTRIC MANTIS Not only did Hotel Garuda surprise the electronic music scene with their single “Smoke Signals” but dropping two remixes, via PRMD Music , this week is one hell of a treat. Alizzz gives you an upbeat version of Hotel Garuda’s song. He builds up a beautiful beat and delivers a solid uplifted powerful remix that takes you away to the endless possibilities to Alizzz’s skill and imagination. I actually remember Hotel Garuda dropping this track in their Do Lab set for Coachella and being boggled as to who created this version. Electric Mantis provides a unique take on “Smoke Signals” for us.  Mystifying yet sensationally heavy, Electric Mantis composes his remix to a bit of a slower pace, but towards the shadowy midst of the song your ears open up to an energetic sound. Hotel Garuda made the perfect decision to select these two artists for remixing their addicting single and you should take a listen below to experience the variety of concepts “Smoke Signals”


PRODUCER: KID A For the 15th Point of View Interview, producer Ben Spremulli, aka Kid A, introduces to us his mind on music and method. He produces music you can really only describe as mysterious yet enticing to the ear. From Connecticut and NYC, Kid A offers the world a diverse and peculiar sound. Tracks such as "They"  ,  "No.2"  , and "The Owls" ft. Duran Visek are some of my personal favorites because it arrests the idea of music having to be placed in no specific genre. He collides and experiments with all types of musical elements to give you a carefully narrative piece of electronic musical art. Below, check out the interview I did with Kid A and involve yourself with all the thoughts he has to say about his music and inspirations. Keep up with Kid A on: SoundCloud: kid a Twitter: @benspremulli Question 1: What got you into making music? I started playing guitar when I was 10, which more or le


VIA SPIRITED LABEL  Paper Crane Volume 3 is out now and it's a compilation of songs that you don’t want to miss out on. Each artist presents something special for the album and it's mind blowing on how talented each one is. Together they create a project that reveals only positivity and good feelings for others to experience. Collected and initiated by producer Madnap, Paper Crane Vol. 3 gives you a variety of artists that complement each other extremely well. From bouncy lively tracks such as Omniboi’s “Twinkle Bang Bang” and Catmosphere’s “Attack Hug” to deep and emotionally driven productions like Poly Pine’s “Take My Hand” and Madnap and Ocular’s track, featuring vocals by  Diamond  Eyes,“Run Away,”  each song provides this edition of Paper Crane spirit and diversity. Via Spirited Label , I highly suggest taking a listen to this lighthearted album and give all of the artists love by sharing it with everyone you know. Artists Featured: Catmosphere DiamondEyes K