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REMINISCING OVER 2015  2015 has brought some incredible music to my ears. Not saying it did not bring some of the worst music to my ears, but 2015 was the year where my knowledge about music has expanded the most. From starting this blog to figuring out what the hell a synthesis is, in 2015 I have discovered great gems that were either from years before or that were recently released in 2015. In all honesty, if it were not for Twitter, Souncloud, and Anna Lunoe’s Beats 1 radio show, I would not know the amazing artists I know now. So to sum up, in one hour, what stood out to me in 2015, in terms of music, here is my 2015 recap mix! I hope you enjoy and crank these bada** tracks up for a hell of a time!! - XZX                                                       My Soundcloud: XZXsound TRACK LIST: 1.        Cashmere Cat - “Kiss Kiss” (Lido Remix) 2.        AObeats, Jai Wolf, and Manila Killa - “Diamonds for Breakfast” (ft. Mark Johns) 3.        The Neighbou


YOUTUBER: RACHEL COBB With her quirky youthful style and a fresh sense on making her perspective showcased through internet videos, Rachel Cobb, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, brings a new game to the  YouTube  scene. She inspires others with her words but more  directly  with her sense of style. She wears what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants. She uses the “no boundaries” method when it comes to wearing the clothes you want through her outfit ensembles she composes together. I would say she makes causal risks. In a sense, where she experiments with an outfit that can be worn any day of the week by mixing colors (mostly primary), patterns, and shapes or silhouettes. From the refreshing beat music she uses in her  YouTube  videos to the unique background settings, Rachel utilizes her creativity to bring the best for her audience, making no video boring or dull. One of my favorite aspects of Rachel's style, in general, is the combination of the old school and new


SHOW DATE: DECEMBER 13, 2015 Odesza knows how to deliver a show. One hell of a show put it that way. The first time I heard Odesza's music, it was hard for me to describe it. There were symphonies of tropical echoes and airy twinkle sounds that make your brain buzz with joy. Just like their music, their show was indescribable at the Shrine in Los Angeles.  All you can do is be there and watch the magic they put on stage.  Selling out all three dates, Odesza had a busy filled venue to attack! One thing I found notable about their concert was that it did not even feel like a concert. They created an ambiance where you feed off of the crowd’s spirited vibes whilst being surrounded by faithful beats and melodies. From the visual effects to a delivery of an entire band being brought out, the whole show produced a force of high energy. If you get a chance to see Odesza at their remaining shows for 2015, I suggest you do! All I know is that I will be reminiscing over the happy memories


THE TURN UP TIMES PRESENTS... I have decided for this special podcast to make it a mix. No talking, just music. This is for all those music lovers that enjoy blasting their speakers until it feels as though there brains will explode. If you would like to know the tracks and artists mixed within the podcast just move your eyes below this paragraph! Hope you enjoy! -XZX Soundcloud: XZXsound  Mixdown List: 1. Lux.Impala - "Wrist" 2. Malaa - "Notorious" 3. Stookie Sound and Mr.Carmack - "Uppers" 4. Blu J Vip - "OVRNGHT CLBRTY" 5. Migos - "Hannah Montana" (Vices Remix) 6. Gangsigns - "Overcast" 7. Pigeon Hole - "Turn it up to Ten" 8. Two Fresh - "Bands" (ft. Saints) 9. London Future and Djemba Djemba - "Look at Me Now" 10. Jauz and Ephwurd - "Rock the Party" (Jauz and B-Sides VIP Remix) 11. Delta Heavy - "Ghost" (Zomboy Remix) 12. AraabMuzik - "King" 1


FOREIGN FLAVORS Inspired by the artists that aren't afraid to navigate their own style with foreign beats, this podcast has tracks that I believe are quite a well rounded representation of worldwide music. With familiar beats and sounds, you might find yourself listening to something you wish you should have discovered a long time ago. With that said I hope you enjoy Podcast #3!! -XZX Soundcloud: XZXsound


INDIE ELECTRONICA BAND: FADED PAPER FIGURES There is a certain energy enveloped in FPF's music that can only be described as a form of "freedom." With light melodies and hypnotic vocals, each song carries my mind to another dimension of electronic musical symphonies. From Los Angeles, California, members R. John Williams, Heather Alden, and Kael Alden, create a killer trio who make music that complements each other's aptitude in only the best way. Faded Paper Figures generate some of the best music that has some of my favorite elements the music world has to offer. The band has such a unique and broad sound, it is quite hard to actually place a specific genre Faded Paper Figures can be put in. All you can really do is describe it! If I were though to makeup a music genre for FPF I would call it indie space music. Synthesized beats and spacey galactic vibes, FPF is a force to be reckoned with. With much excitement, check out the interview I did with Faded Paper Fi


MIXED VIBES For my second podcast, I threw in some of my favorite artists such as Cardo, Lido, and Q-Tip. I wanted to mix it up with the vibes but also have it correlated in some way by introducing that hip-hop beat with a future classic vibe. I think this podcast is something that pairs well with someone driving down the PCH on a weekday afternoon. I hope you enjoy this second installment of my podcast series! -XZX Podcasts are posted on my Soundcloud: XZXsound


HIP-HOP ARTIST: JOEL DEBUS Today, I feel like there is some music out there that comes out of empty places. There is music with no meaning or no actual depth. It is music to make success in all the wrong places. I find artists that take the time and effort to really put their own selves out there, in a way where you can emotionally and sometimes spiritually relate to them, to be real genuine risk takers. They are able to express themselves in a way where they show no fear in what they believe in no matter what people may think. It may sound cliché, but nonetheless, true. Joel Debus is exactly this description of the kind of artist I admire. He is a true lyricist. He puts himself and his past experiences in his music so that others can see what reality is. With elements of humor and cleverness, Debus ranges in a variety of rap styles. Motivated and determined, Joel Debus’s music can inspire really anyone to make their life into something more than just what they think the


ESSENTIALS FOR NOW I decided to try something a little different. Actually, something that is a little more out of my comfort zone. Creating a podcast has been on my to-do list for a while now, but I just got around to pushing myself to actually do it. My inspiration to even start one was from Soulection. Soulection is one of my favorite radio online stations to listen to. In this first podcast I decided to showcase some of my favorite tunes so far. In the future I do hope to get better at doing podcasts and release ever so often. So I hope you enjoy! P.S. Please excuse my nervous behavior. I still need practice with this, what is to me, new form of media outlet. -XZX Podcasts will be posted on my soundcloud: XZXsound


ONE WORD: ECLECTIC I am sad to say that the Genesis Series is only six songs long, but I am more importantly trilled to say that these six songs are not in any words a disappointment or let down from Zhu. Actually it's the exact opposite. It's one hell of a composition.With six uniquely well put together collaborations, the project as a whole shows how talented and skilled Zhu is. Not only does he take part to vocalize in his music, but the way his voice can carry a song and bring it to another level is mind blowing. From reggae to smooth jazz and old school hip-hop to deep house, his record label makes no mistake to name itself Mind of A Genius. If you thought his last EP, DAYNIGHT , was captivating with each melody and beat, Zhu's newest creation displays his artistry the finest way. I can say, by this point, Zhu is one of the most skilled and well matured artists of his time. Collaborating with artists like A-Track, AlunaGeorge, Gallant, Keznamdi, and big time D


ENTREPRENEUR: DAVID BARRAZA ( OWNER OF EVERLUXE CO.) Representing youth through his clothing lines, David Barraza aspires to correlate his business around the world of today's generation. Barraza has evolved his business into becoming as personal as can be by shelling out designs he finds interesting and daring. Dark and humorous, Everluxe Clothing incorporates the elements of what I like to call the "Sad" Culture. It’s being sad without the sadness. I find it quite intriguing if you ask me. What I find even more engaging is the fact that this seventeen year old is building a small business from such a young age. Catering to today's youth, David Barraza is making the most out of his company with whatever network and tools he can obtain. Check out this interview I did with him to find out more about him and Everluxe Co. Shop EVERLUXE CO. here! Follow David on: Instagram: @davidxunordinary Everluxe Co. Instagram: @everluxeco Question 1:  Wh


ARTIST/PRODUCER: LANZ When I first heard Lanz's music, it was in the car, with my best friend driving and my sister in the backseat. My sister decided to Bluetooth some new music she said her friend had been producing. I was excited to hear what she had in store for us and as soon as the first beat drop, I could feel the ambiance in the car change. I heard artistry, youth, originality, and most of all potential. Even though it was a rough edit my sister had streamed, it was still amazing to hear. Lanz produces what I would resemble most likely to as chill-hop. With an album arriving in the upcoming months, you could say I am more than ecstatic for its debut. Below check out my recent interview with Lanz, as well as his SoundCloud for a taste of what his upcoming album will deliver. >  Lanz's Soundcloud Follow Lanz on: Instagram: @Lanzxcv Twitter:  @Swigglezz Question 1: What got you into making music?  Well I grew up in a musical family. My mom


FIRE FOR THE SOUL For the Top 10 Tracks (for this week) #8, it consists of artists I uphold as some for the best musicians and producers of music to date. Let's just keep it short and say this is my soul's fire tracks thus far.  Also, soundcloud playlist settling at the bottom of this post for tracks found on there.  -XZX Top 10 Tracks (for this week): 1. "Testarossa Music"- Zhu feat. Gallant 2. "Say That"- Toro y Moi 3. "Fire"- S-Type feat. Yung Gud 4. "The Moment"- Tame Impala 5. "Gemini"- What So Not 6. "Weight in Gold"- Gallant (Vices Remix) 7. "I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times)" - Jamie xx feat. Yung Thug, Popcaan  8. "Jaded"- Disclosure  This live version is just as amazing as the studio version! 9. "The Buzz"- Hermitude feat. Mataya, Young Tapz 10. "Shine"- Years and Years  SOUNDCLOUD: XZXsound


PHOTOGRAPHER: DAMON MALICK For my second Point of View Interview I chose to pick someone who is passionate, not only about taking photos, but also, about the subjects themselves. Damon Malick has an eye for what a camera should shoot and carelessly tunnels his personality in each of his photos. This aspiring photographer has great potential into making his love for photography into a successful career. With incredible eye-catching images, Damon has a knack for choosing the right moment to capture anything that catches his eye. Check out his Point of View Interview! Follow Damon on: Instagram: @damon.malick Twitter:  @damonmalick Question 1: What got you into photography?  I got into photography pretty much by accident. I took a sunset photo that turned out really well. And from there everything got better and I ended up loving it!  Question 2: What people intrigue you or inspire you to pursue photography? (Can be in any field i.e music, any authors or