Representing youth through his clothing lines, David Barraza aspires to correlate his business around the world of today's generation. Barraza has evolved his business into becoming as personal as can be by shelling out designs he finds interesting and daring. Dark and humorous, Everluxe Clothing incorporates the elements of what I like to call the "Sad" Culture. It’s being sad without the sadness. I find it quite intriguing if you ask me. What I find even more engaging is the fact that this seventeen year old is building a small business from such a young age. Catering to today's youth, David Barraza is making the most out of his company with whatever network and tools he can obtain. Check out this interview I did with him to find out more about him and Everluxe Co.

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Question 1: What got you into making your own small business? 

Well I've always been into fashion and dressing well. Clothing just always caught my eye and I would always sketch out my own designs when I was younger. I actually tried creating my own clothing since 6th grade. Just didn't have the money to start a business. So once I was financially stable to start one, I did. 

Question 2: What people intrigue or inspire you to pursue building your business? (Can be in any field i.e. music, writers, other entrepreneurs etc.)

The first companies that inspired me were Crooks and Castles, Black Scale, Billionaire Boys Club, Bape, and Supreme. These companies’ garments caught my eye because they released clothes that were different then basic tees you would find in the mall or a local clothing store. And the more I progressed and took things more serious, I learned more about other companies that are the same such as the company Palace and people like Ian Connor. And for those who don't know who Ian Connor is, he's the icon to the fashion world for the youth.

Question 3: How would you define your style of clothing/designs?

I would define my clothing style as different as in when you see it. It says something, not just an image slapped on to a t-shirt or an image copied off the internet and just put on to a tee. Thanks to one of my favorite people, Mia Garcia helps and designs the tees for the new collection, "THE NOT SO POLITES." You will see a lot of what I mean as in different.

Question 4: What influences your style of work?

What influences my work is everything. Social media, the youth, what's going on in the world, and just everything in general influences my work. The main thing is Tumblr because that's where there is a lot of art and fashion trends. So I like going on there and seeing all of the artistic people or other companies’ clothing.

Question 5: What is your favorite clothing piece designed so far?

The "Not So Polites" Hoodie 

Question 6: How far do you plan to take your business? 

I'm taking my business as far as I can get it because fashion, designing clothes, and creating is something I have always wanted to do. Now that I'm finally doing it, I'm going to try and open shops up in the future.



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