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THE TOP 10 TRACKS (FOR THIS WEEK) #2 This week's Top 10 Tracks (for this week) list is here!   I put the links for the ones not on my soundcloud, which is btw  xzxsound . Soundcoud located at the bottom.  TOP 10 TRACKS (for this week): 1. Catfish and the Bottlemen - "Tyrants" 2. Glass Animals - "Cocoa Hooves" 3. The Strokes - "Machu Picchu" 4. Julian Casablancas - "I'll Try Anything Once" (Look up the lyrics because they are amazing) 5. Nirvana - "School" (Live) 6. Marvin Gaye - "What's Going On" S-man Remix 7. James Bay - "Hold Back the River" 8. Modest Mouse - "Lampshades on Fire" 9. Arctic Monkeys - "Old Yellow Bricks" 10. Cashmere Cat - "With Me"


JUST A COMPILATION OF AWESOME VIDEOS. Just like everyone else, I love watching anything entertaining and amusing. I thank God for Youtube because I could watch almost anything on there. So if you like to watch interesting, funny, amazing, or just plain entertaining videos check out this list I have created. Like the Top 10 Tracks (for this week) list this list will as well change weekly. For each item I have also included a link or the actual video for your can thank me later.  p.s The Top 10 Tracks (for this week) is being updated tomorrow! As well as some new ideas of blog posts tailing along.  List located on the tabs to the right. (not available on mobile device) TOP 5 VIDEOS/FILMS (for this week): 1. Catfish and the Bottlemen - "Black Skinhead" Cover in the Live Lounge   Honestly, one of the best things to watch and listen to on the internet right now.  2. Bates Motel Season 2 Darn you Norman Bates. (Netflix sorry) 3


Made a soundcloud for my The Top 10 Tracks (for this week). Now the only problem is that not every song I choose to be on my list will be on soundcloud so I'll just notify that on my post and just put up whatever is available.


TOP 10 TRACKS (For This Week) Here I have complied a list of my top 10 tracks for this week. My list changes from a weekly basis and I recommend some of these tunes to be intertwined into your daily dose of music.  Along with music, I will also create a list of my top 5 videos/films I have been obsessing over the week. But that's soon to come!  This list will always be on the right side of the blog as a tab.(not available via mobile device. But I will post an individual blog post on each week's new Top 10 Tracks.) Also, my weekly Top 10 Tracks will be up on my soundcloud at XZXsound.  Soundcloud: XZXsound THE TOP 10 TRACKS (for this week): 1. Catfish and the Bottlemen - "Pacifier"  2. Glass Animals - "Gooey" 3. BØRNS - "Past Lives" 4. Cherub - "Promise" 5. BØRNS - "10,000 Emerald Pools" 6. The Orwells - "In my Bed" 7. Royal Blood - "Come on Over" 8. Penguin Prison - "Calling Out" 9.


"MOMENT OF CLARITY" - ZEDD DOC. On August 4, 2013, I saw and experienced the most beautiful event of my life. Lights beamed and lasered through the sky. Bass and melodies were so loud it felt as if the speakers were beating for my own heart. The energy was unreal. The crowd was unreal and so was the music. Hearing Empire of the Sun's "Alive" be remixed for the first time was like hearing a smashing guitar solo for the first time. Hard Fest's Hard Summer Music Festival  was set in the middle of downtown LA in a rural park and Zedd's set turned it into an atmosphere of lights. That night, this genius not only changed my view of edm but exposed me to a whole new realm of music for the first time in my life.  When I found out Zedd came out with a mini documentary about his tour and the evolution on his album,"Clarity," I was at the least you could say ecstatic. I was anticipating to seeing how he puts together days and months of wor