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"CLOUD KEEP" - MARK REDITO FT. ABBI PRESS LA producer, Mark Redito, is back again with a brand new release titled, "Cloud Keep" featuring the lovely voice of Abbi Press. This delicate track revolves around love, spontaneity, and fantasy. The whispering vocals and playful drums wrapped in sweet synths wholeheartedly keep the song in a light and groovy mood. Paired with the new release of the track, Redito also surprises us with a wholesome music video emulating the song's character and story perfectly! It's one to enjoy on a warm spring day with a loving individual right by your side! Below take a listen to Mark Redito's "Cloud Keep" featuring Abbi Press! Watch music video HERE ! Follow Mark Redito on: SoundCloud Twitter Follow Abbi Press on: SoundCloud Twitter Artwork by: Marina 


"TIRED OF PRETENDING" - SLOW SHUDDER (MISTERRCHA REMIX) London producer, MisterrCha, grants us with a groovy remix of Slow Shudder's "Tired of Pretending" from our SYNTHESIS VOL.1 compilation! With upbeat drum structure and juggling the singer/producer Slow Shudder's vocals, the remix brings an islander bounce to the original. MisterrCha brings in his own flavor of yummy bass and tasty vocal chops to blend together for a delicious sound. The melody is transformed into a popping style of a house and breakdance blend to tingle the dancing joints in your body! Take a listen below as we proudly present MisterrCha's remix of "Tired of Pretending"!! Follow MisterrCha on: SoundCloud Twitter Follow Slow Shudder: SoundCloud Twitter Cover by: @DEVONDIGITAL_


MELTING OF AGE TAKEOVER + 2 YEARS OF UNTLDl!VE 11 artists, 2 stages and one night. Speaking of artists, the night of our show, UNTLDL!VE x MOA, was filled with an array of electronic music. Artists like  CHEMTRAIL had nasty raw bass tunes, Spré  had his audience hyped from start to finished with styles of hybrid trap, R3ll brought in the Jersey to the IE, Suave Masta moved the entire room with his future infused set, and many more heated performances. From the outdoors to the indoors, both stages carried core club sounds like sets from Ramen Boy , Airynore , YUNA YUNA , and Tdoyle . To recap on what our show with our friends over at Untitled Life was about, MOA photographer  Mia Garcia did a special edition of photos featuring a handful of artists who were playing that night. Check it out below and make sure to keep up with Untitled Life for any events they will be hosting in the future! Follow Untitled Life on: SoundCloud Twitter Instagram Flickr Photos by: Mia Garcia


"MOON LOVE" - BOOMBOX CARTEL FEAT. NESSLY There's nothing like hearing a club heater actually demolish your senses on a platform filled with, what sometimes can be, monotonicity. Its a resurrection of drums and gnarly bass being folded in and out of your ears. Club producer, Ramen Boy, takes us on a trip with his remix of Boombox Cartel's " Moon Love " featuring Nessly. With hints of jersey club, his remix bumps into a sphere of trap beats and heavy bass. The collecting trombone and the wailing of sirens evolve into a heated build only but collapse into a rolling roar of slaps and unexpected fills. Get a listen to Ramen Boy's remix below and make sure to give it a share! Available for download here ! Follow Ramen Boy on: SoundCloud Twitter


"AGI" - TSUKII (SKINTREST REMIX) If there is one thing to say about the Leeds producer, skintrest, it's that he makes music that is consistently evolving. The purging bass in skintrest's remix offers a dark force of energy that creeps and crawls into the nooks of your speakers. In the original of Tsukii's dangerously amusing track, "Agi," it is composed of trap elements, but to switch up the mood skintrest laces in rambunctious drums and wobbling 808s. It's a loud tale to be told at loud volumes. Below listen to skintrest's remix of "Agi"! Listen to the Tsukii - "Agi" here ! Follow skintrest on: SoundCloud Spotify Twitter


VOLUME 1 Just this past weekend, Untldlife presented their very first compilation featuring 9 multi-talented artists in 9 outstanding tracks. Volume 1 covers styles of pop, dub, bass, and experimental club. You are presented with nothing but originals such as Bohkeh's blissful " Luv " or In//Put's wild piece "Get2Me." Featuring artists like Spré , Yūgen , Foxen , and many more, there's a sound for any mood in mind. Take a listen to Untldlife's Volume 1 comp below and get ready to discover the chest of undiscovered sounds! Also! Catch Untldlife's next event this Thursday with us at the XOX Pub! RSVP and info  here ! Follow Untldlife on: SoundCloud Twitter