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ETIENNE DE CRECY- "SUPER DISCOUNT 3" ALBUM "  Super Discount 3" more like "Super Disco 3." *Listens to S.D.3. Thinks if the Bee Gees were DJs in the year 3000 then this album could be there music.* All I picture, when listening to this album, is myself walking in downtown LA, specifically S. Los Angeles St., and feeling like the most amazing person around. Etienne de Crécy brings back those funk and disco vibes that could be heard in the streets of either LA or New York City back in the day. He collaborates with a variety of vocalists to develop this magnificent album that spirals your mind to the 80s and maybe even 70s. Songs like “Hashtag my AS*” and “Wtf” incorporate that nu disco and old school sound with today’s modern vocabulary giving “Super Discount 3” that special edge. These key components makes Etienne de Crécy one of the most spontaneous and eccentric artist out there today. One of my favorites is “You” ft. Madeline Follin


COACHELLA 2015 LINEUP + MY TOP 6 ATTENDEES LIST I thought I would review this line up since it was announced a few weeks ago. Last year was a pretty impressive line up considering huge bands like Muse, Arcade Fire, and Outkast were the headliners. This year the classic rock band AC/DC, Jack freakin White, and Hip-Hop artist Drake take over the Bohemian scene. However last year and this year’s coachella differ in the overall music genre. Although there are artists like Jack White,The Orwells, Alt-j, ect. the trend in this year’s line up is huge amounts of electric music dropping in. Not that I’m complaining, I would just like to see more rock alternative bands get on this list. But then again each year of Coachella is different. This just shows how much society is changing. The taste in music is changing or in other words branching out. Popular djs such as David Guetta, Duke Dumont, Clean Bandit, and MANY more make Coachella feel like an EDC than an alternative music festival. Wel