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GHOSTS TO COASTS I thought an update would be nice considering I haven't put up a Top 5 Videos/Films in a while. Personally, it takes me a while to find something that I find entertaining and worth watching. Well, for the past weeks or so, I have found a few enjoyable gems. Take a look! Top 5 Videos/Films (for this week): 1. Ghost World (Film) Where has this movie been for the past 18 years of my life? I've seen bits and pieces of this film on social media, but never took the time to know where they were actually from. I was surprisingly blown away from how this film impacted me. I could relate to the characters and was intrigued by the story line. Since trailers from then are not too exciting, and personally, ruin the movie for me, here's a clip.  2. ODESZA -"Bloom" Live from Coachella April 12,15 They never disappoint. If only I was there to experience the joy and hypnotic ambiance Odesza had to offer.  3. Life of Luca (Youtube Vlogger) H


VLOGGERS AND TRAILERS Here's just a nice list of videos/films I have been enjoying over the course of the past week or so.  Top 5 Videos/Films (for this week): 1. Youtube Channel: Casey Neistat  One of the best vloggers on the internet! Everyday is something new and interesting. He has a wise and hard working mind that literally never stops. Here is one of his recent vlogs.  2. Black Mass Trailer Johnny Depp can pull of almost any roll he takes on. Enough of those mediocre cheesy characters and lets watch Depp take on a more bada$$ roll. 3. Youtube Channel: Haley Blais- "Spring 2015 Lookbook"  I like her style. I like her personality. I like her sense of humor. She could be my soul mate. But no. Her Youtube channel is all I need to get my creative mind flowing really.  4. HARD Summer 2015 Trailer Yet another trailer. I don't know but I feel as though trailers are more entertaining than the main event itself. But this is a tra