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EXPIRATION DATE Last week, hip-hop artist Joel Debus released his record titled Expiration Date . Consisting of five songs, with features of Alex Ortiz and Elysee Carreno on vocals and executive produced by Daniel Cabral, this EP carries a solid direction. On Expiration Date , smooth production and deep-rooted lyrics tell you a story of the complications with love, relationships, and history. Just like a good story teller does, he provides you with a setting and scenario that enables you to relate to his music on another level. This short and heavy compilation displays Joel's own style and experimentation in taking his music further with everything he delivers.You can take a listen to Expiration Date on Spotify and iTunes and get a feel for this new Joel Debus!!  Keep up with Joel Debus on: Twitter: @joeldebus SoundCloud: Joel Debus


PRODUCER: POLY PINES Poly Pines is taking over the 14th Point of View Interview this week and he has great thoughts to share. Where he gets his inspiration and creativity to create his inspiring music derives from various places like films and other musicians. Poly Pines creates a mixture of a singer-songwriter style and electronic elements in his music. One track that gives an example of this is “Passion,” where he has an acoustic sound developed as well as spoken audio clips that perform as lyrics for the song. A couple of my favorites would be  "i ____ you"  and “Remember?” Both of these powerful tracks resemble Poly Pines’ style extremely well and blows your mind with the emotion he can portray in a single song. Check out the interview I had with Poly Pines below to get to know his inspirations and direction he is headed towards! -XZX Keep up with Poly Pines on: SoundCloud: Poly Pines Twitter: @polypinesmusic Question 1: What got you into making


"TBH ILY" - CHET PORTER (KIDSWASTE REMIX) A couple months ago, Chet Porter released his beloved single “tbh ily,” via Moving Castle . With its soothing yet captivating melody, Chet Porter was able to tickle your ears with strings and soft drums. This time, Kidswaste puts his spin on Chet’s dreamy composition. Kidswaste adds his own vocals in his remix of “tbh ily,” which allows you to feel the song as a poetic work of art. To be honest, I love Kidswaste's take and could listen to it to make any day feel extra lovely. Take a listen and a free download below! -XZX Follow Kidswaste on: SoundCloud: kidswaste Twitter: @kidswaste Follow Chet Porter on: SoundCloud: Chet Porter Twitter: @chetprtr


PRODUCER/DJ: YUNG WALL STREET For Point of View Interview #13, I've had the pleasure to interview producer Yung Wall Street. From Austin, Texas, Yung Wall Street has been pushing a break through with some of the most impressive music lately. From " Baby " via Fool's Gold Records to one of my personal favorites " Onesie ," Yung Wall Street has a knack for developing a style where he can produce diverse tunes that move souls. Being a part of the Moving Castle Collective for almost two years now, Yung Wall Street will be making big moves such as touring with Jai Wolf for his NYC dates and also premiering on the lineup of this year's Sunset  Music Fest, taking place in Tampa, Florida. Not only does he have shows for your near future but Yung Wall Street is also dropping a new remix of Manila Killa's "All That's Left," very soon. To get a feel of Yung Wall Street and his music, check out the interview I did with him below! -XZX K