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NOAH GARTON (MAJOR) Written by: DEVON Hi there! Welcome to MEDIUM! This new interview series is focused on visual artists using all kinds of mediums to express their creativity. We hope this series gives you insight into artists’ inspiration, process and style. Our first MEDIUM interview comes from Noah Garton who goes by the alias “major”. Noah is 18 years old and is from Essex, UK. How long have you been creating art? Mmnnnmnm well it wasn't as simple as an 'ok art time' type thing. I started out making awful ear-rape memes and shit-posts for my own entertainment in early 2015 with Sony Vegas, and then transitioned to cover art and animations along the way somehow. Here's the earliest known meme I have (please. kind reviews only) … But I think I properly started in November 2017 when, after a few first attempts at art, my friend Ari took £100 off me and threatened to donate it to UKIP (very right wing