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Hi there! Welcome to MEDIUM! This new interview series is focused on visual artists using all kinds of mediums to express their creativity. We hope this series gives you insight into artists’ inspiration, process and style.

Our first MEDIUM interview comes from Noah Garton who goes by the alias “major”. Noah is 18 years old and is from Essex, UK.

How long have you been creating art?

Mmnnnmnm well it wasn't as simple as an 'ok art time' type thing. I started out making awful ear-rape memes and shit-posts for my own entertainment in early 2015 with Sony Vegas, and then transitioned to cover art and animations along the way somehow. Here's the earliest known meme I have (please. kind reviews only)

But I think I properly started in November 2017 when, after a few first attempts at art, my friend Ari took £100 off me and threatened to donate it to UKIP (very right wing UK party) if I didn’t do dailies for at least 90 days. As right now (9th of Feb 2019) I'm somehow still going, with 464 pieces of art done so far.

Everything else fell into place along the way - I met more and more people, opened myself up for commissions back in April 2018, and, yeah that's about where I've been for a little while now.

What is your typical process for creating a piece?

Generally, I find a photo from my big folder of pictures (labelled 'good piccyyyy') and play around with it by adding effects and distortion and colour correction and so on. Usually I don’t go into a piece with an idea in mind, it just kinda forms after enough layers of stuff. This is something I am trying to work on by settling on a vision prior to beginning work.

Also, something people find surprising is that I always create the art in after effects – it’s a bit of leftover residue from my meme days, where when I made the transition from Facebook meme pages to artwork I never left behind the video editing program. Also, photoshop + premiere are garbo and I don’t recommend either, please get after effects instead so you can learn picture editing and video editing at the same time with efficiency.

Where do you get inspiration from?

Mostly the artwork I see on twitter every day, my talented friends, or when I’m in dire need I look in my one note thing of designs I love.

What are some challenges you face when creating?

When I keep falling back to the same techniques and the same effects again and again rather than learning new skills as an artist – I’m awful at stepping out of my comfort zone. Many true majorlings will know the style of

random picture > pixelsorting > tilt shift blur > dust textures > stupid text

which I use to no end in my work. I always feel like everyone's going to hate the cliché things I make. But they never do, I just need to work on broadening my skill set, I guess.

What is the most fulfilling experience you’ve had as an artist?

It's between reaching a milestone of dailies (number 365 was really special), and nailing a commission in a way that feels like you really added something to the vision of the artist. An example of this would be my cover art/video for @hearheirlohere, which is probably my favourite commission to date. Take a look if you like:

Who are some artists you look up to or are inspired by?

Ok well uhmm the absolute biggest are @airuei and @om_neb on twitter, who both had incredible daily series' that I adored back in 2017. I actually still haven’t been able to outdo even a single one of their works but I'm getting there slowly I think. They’re also both amazing people and I love them very much.

Someone who consistently inspires me is @nesulosity, who has been my art friend and rival since the days of the original jaroncord (lots of lore there). We've improved alongside each other, doing collabs and even launching our own art discord server with some friends, FORM, which acts as a hub for all artists to share their work and talk. We also do charity album competitions like All Nighter!! You can join here if you'd like:

What motivates you to continue creating?

A big motivator is the thought that one day I could be good enough to be able to visit all my friends and stay with them in a cool big house of artists (the form house). That's the dream honestly - like I don't have many long-term goals other than meet the people I love most. I'd also very much like to get away from my day job of manual lifting because, basically, I’m a bean, and very weak.

thank u.

Twitter: @majorrrrr_



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