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FROM EPIC TRANCE TO EASTER BUNNY ROMANCE Just a list of videos to hopefully keep you entertained during this spring break.  Top 5 Videos/Films (for this week): 1. Above and Beyond Live at Madison Square Garden (Full HD Set) Real artists producing real trance music. From last year's epic tour, Above and Beyond is the first British/Finnish DJs to headline and SELL OUT the MSG in New York!  2. deadmau5 Coffee Runs Seeing famous people do normal get coffee. But do it in a Lamborghini...  This series has quite lengthy videos but I find them very entertaining. The one below features deadmau5, himself, with Dillon Francis, and Skrillex.  3. I'm Not a Hipster (Film) Netflix is my source for discovering all these indie films, such as this one. With a humorous title, I thought this movie was a sarcastic comedy...but I was not entirely wrong. It has its funny moments along with some dramatic emotional withdraws.  4. TheStyleCultYT (Youtube Ch


THE ELECTRONIC PHASES This week or for the past couple of weeks I've been  on a binge for  electronic like a maniac. I have always had a love for electronic music since I can remember. Actually I do recall listening to Daft Punk's soundtrack song to the film Tron and remembering how sick I thought it was. I mean even today I still love listening to all the remixed versions of"Derezzed."Anyways, going back on track, this week's list consists of my recent and all time favorite artists such as Skrillex and Diplo, aka Jack U, deadmau5, and Above and Beyond. Aside from these kick a$# DJ, producers, or whatever you would like to call them, I also punched in some indie pop, rock, and rap/r&b tunes as well.  Muh Soundcloud:  XZXsound -XZX Top 10 Tracks (for this week): 1. Skrillex and Diplo (Jack Ü) (Ft. AlunaGeorge) – “To Ü”  2.  deadmau5 (ft. Rob Swire) – “Ghost ‘n’ Stuff” 3.  Muse – “Dead Inside” 4.    Wave Racer - "Streamers"


FROM RUNAWAYS TO RUNWAYS Top 5 Videos/Films (for this week): 1. Electrick Childern This film is one of my favorites because of how unique the story is. I mean getting impregnated by music...I mean the whole film is something I have never seen before and I found it to be very exciting and awkwardly heart-warming. Oh and watching Rory Culkin for 1 hour and 36 minutes doesn't hurt either. 2. Catfish and the Bottlemen Tour Diaries  Seriously I have so much fun watching these fellas on tour! They are a hilarious and hard working crew that knows how to have fun on the road! #larryisliterallife Here's just one sample of their now 8 part collection.  3. Youtube Channel: ChicThing This girl has style. Enough said. LINK:  VIDEO:  #whatjohnhughestaughtme:  4. Bates Motel Season 3 IT'S BACK!!!! The first episode never disapoints! I am intrigued to see what the Bates gets t


FROM UNDERWATER TUNES TO OUTER -BODY SWOONS If you can’t notice by this week’s Top 10 Tracks, I’ve been quite obsessing over Alex Turner’s EP for the film Submarine . Honestly it’s one of the most beautifully composed soundtrack for any film I have seen. All six tracks are in the order they are  played  in the I suggest you listen to them in that exact order. It does make a slight difference. And going beyond the 6 th track, ODESZA is one of my all-time favorite duet DJs. Their sound is hypnotic and exotic. It’s like as if it takes you to another galactic world. Lately, I took a listen to The Libertines and they are pretty amazing! One of my favorite tracks is “ Music When the Lights Go Out" due to the catchy guitar riff and amusing lyrics. Last but NOT LEAST, Glass Animals is erupting in America! It’s not hard to describe their music but it is hard to explain the feelings and emotions they leave you with For example, take a listen to “Black Mambo” and you’ll know wh


THE TOP 10 TRACKS (FOR THIS WEEK) #2 Here is week 3's Top 10 Tracks (for this week). My soundcloud is  xzxsound  and the playlist for this week's list is at the bottom of this post.  Also, the tracks that are not available on soundcloud have the video instead. Enjoy :) TOP 10 TRACKS (for this week): 1. Alabama Shakes – “Don’t Wanna Fight” 2. Alex Turner – “Stuck on the Puzzle” 3. Childish Gambino – “Sweatpants” 4. The 1975 – “Heart Out”                    5. The Doors – “Break on Through (to the Other Side)” 6. Arctic Monkeys – “Snap Out of It”         7. The Kooks – “Bad Habit”                  8. Drowners – “Luv, Hold Me Down” 9. Touch Sensitive – “Pizza Guy” 10. Telana – “Me Time” (prod. Cam O’bi)


FROM MIXTAPES TO YOUNG HEART ACHES Here is this week's Top 5 Videos/Films I have been enjoying and I hope you do to!! Top 5 Videos/Films (for this week) #2: 1. Submarine (Film) One of the best films that I've seen in a while. Has a beautiful soundtrack that compliments this hilariously innocent story of Oliver Tate.  2. The NBHD- "Dangerous" Music Video The NBHD really never disappoints me. Something new yet still has stains from their original aesthetic. But I have to be honest...I'm not a fan of this song's particular rapping... 3. TDK Chronicles: The Strokes Interview I love The Strokes and I was lucky enough to see them live but this interview from a few years ago is quite hilarious. Honestly one of their most open interviews they have.  4. Dietblond's Youtube video "Most Influencial Albums" Her music taste, I feel, is sooo much better than mine. Dietblond is one of my all time favorite Youtubers. Hones