On August 4, 2013, I saw and experienced the most beautiful event of my life. Lights beamed and lasered through the sky. Bass and melodies were so loud it felt as if the speakers were beating for my own heart. The energy was unreal. The crowd was unreal and so was the music. Hearing Empire of the Sun's "Alive" be remixed for the first time was like hearing a smashing guitar solo for the first time. Hard Fest's Hard Summer Music Festival  was set in the middle of downtown LA in a rural park and Zedd's set turned it into an atmosphere of lights. That night, this genius not only changed my view of edm but exposed me to a whole new realm of music for the first time in my life. 

When I found out Zedd came out with a mini documentary about his tour and the evolution on his album,"Clarity," I was at the least you could say ecstatic. I was anticipating to seeing how he puts together days and months of work into a 20 minute short film. Zedd is not only an DJ but an eye boggling performer. His sets are to literal perfection and in his "Moment of Clarity" doc. it showed how him and his crew achieved that goal. One of my favorite aspects of this short film is that it showed him not only as a music artist but as a hard working man. His passion, without a doubt, is what drives him to want to create music as he calls to be, "timeless." And I believe he does! In the movie, he is called not to be a DJ but a producer, which I agree with. He doesn't just merely put tunes, pieces of instrumentals, and vocals and see if it sounds good. No, he is a musician who knows how to play "REAL" instruments and knows what music should sound like. He helps produce other artists' work, such as Lady Gaga's recent album. Not that I am a fan of Gaga, but it goes to show that the stereotype of electronic artists is beyond far from the truth. I highly recommend this documentary, not only as an eye opener but for inspiration. Anton, which I learned that was his real name through the film, is a genuine artist that creates art with music that is inspiring to everyone around the world. The only thing is that I wish it was longer!

Check out Zedd's "Moment of Clarity" on his Vevo youtube channel and watch it for free!!
Link: Zedd "Moment of Clarity"  

RATE: 9/10



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