With her quirky youthful style and a fresh sense on making her perspective showcased through internet videos, Rachel Cobb, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, brings a new game to the YouTube scene. She inspires others with her words but more directly with her sense of style. She wears what she wants, when she wants, and how she wants. She uses the “no boundaries” method when it comes to wearing the clothes you want through her outfit ensembles she composes together. I would say she makes causal risks. In a sense, where she experiments with an outfit that can be worn any day of the week by mixing colors (mostly primary), patterns, and shapes or silhouettes. From the refreshing beat music she uses in her YouTube videos to the unique background settings, Rachel utilizes her creativity to bring the best for her audience, making no video boring or dull. One of my favorite aspects of Rachel's style, in general, is the combination of the old school and new school flavors. By her own way of expressing her ideas and inspirations; Rachel has created an atmosphere of positivism within her YouTube platform. If you would like to know more about Rachel and her inspirations behind her work check out the interview I did with her below!

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1. What got you into making YouTube videos, specifically lifestyle fashion?

I got interested in starting a YouTube channel when I discovered thrifting and found I could get unique pieces for cheap and I soon began to develop what is now my personal style. When I became confident enough in my style I wanted to share it on a platform and I felt that there was a place for me on YouTube. 

2. What people intrigue you or inspire you to pursue the YouTube world?

Jenn Im from Clothesencounters was my first and biggest inspiration to choose YouTube as my route for myself expression. Now, I’m inspired the most by smaller YouTubers like Jujusquad, Rian Phin, Taraola, etc.

3. How would you define your style of work/fashion?

I never know how to answer this question but I’ve been told that I dress very ‘retro’ quite often, which partly makes me cringe but I do realize that I obviously dress in a way that is very influenced by the past few decades, so retro it is.

4. What influences your style of work/fashion?

Everything! YouTube, movies, street style, art.

5. What is your favorite video you have made so far?

Probably my Fall Outfits of The Week video because it is very different from all my other videos so it stands out for me.

Question 6: How far do you plan to take your work? Whether it’s in the YouTube community or not and any future goals?

I have absolutely no idea where my YouTube channel will take me but I know that it’s a good start to the creative field I hope to one day work in, which will hopefully involve film.


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