Written by: Zebrina Garcia

Max reist catapults a colorful new EP titled, headache, into the ears of listeners. Splashing with chimes, bops, rings, acoustic guitar, and rich musical structure, headache is composed of vocals by max himself, as well as a brief feature from his lovely partner Abby, in the cover of Carly Rae Jepsen's "Gimmie Love." The wholesome vibrations and eccentric sound design make the EP standout brightly as max's first official project. Tracks like "stripes" and EP titled track "headache" break through the norms of electronic music. The variety of textures and sounds emulate max as an artist who tears down walls to audibly give listeners a sweet taste of his imagination. Each track is different from the other but somehow all fit into a nicely blended flow. Below read through our Q&A with max reist who voices out his journey in creating headache

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Original EP Cover by: @elenafortunee

What was the inspiration for your EP?

Well, nothing would come from me if it weren't for my friends and my family, but I definitely listened to a lot of music to get inspiration. My biggest inspirations musically were the artists I've been looking up to for the past year or so – Carly Rae Jepsen, Jacob Collier, Ryan Hemsworth, Tennyson, Zack Villere, Travis Bickle, to name some – though I'm not sure how clearly these influences come through sonically. Content-wise I found a lot of inspiration in motifs about feelings and conversation with myself, as well as interactions with the people and things around me.

How did you create the tracklist or decide what songs were going to be featured?

There were a lot of songs that I worked on thinking were going to be on the EP, and some of them managed to slip in as bonus tracks. But the main four songs were all things I started around the same time several months ago and continued to work on as the EP started to take shape in my head. I guess those four were just the ones I felt most comfortable with.

How did you come up with the title?

The EP is named after the title track, “headache,” which kinda gave me a headache while I was writing, so I kinda just riffed on that. Originally I wanted the     “headache ep” to be finished many months ago (seeing as “headache” was released over a year ago now), but I liked that title so I kept it.

What was the entire process like in producing the EP?

The process of the EP involved a lot of changes. I revised things continuously trying to get the details just right. I don't think they're perfect, but I think they've been baked through and are ready to serve.

Do you have a favorite track off headache or one that stands out most to you?

The opener is definitely the one that I spent the most time on, most of it is performance and live recording which is special to my personal journey as an artist. Still could have been mixed better, though.

What do you hope listeners will experience or grasp when hearing headache for the first time?

I hope they see my character in the music, it's goofy and it's small but I made a tremendous effort to make it feel like me.     


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