There is a certain energy enveloped in FPF's music that can only be described as a form of "freedom." With light melodies and hypnotic vocals, each song carries my mind to another dimension of electronic musical symphonies. From Los Angeles, California, members R. John Williams, Heather Alden, and Kael Alden, create a killer trio who make music that complements each other's aptitude in only the best way. Faded Paper Figures generate some of the best music that has some of my favorite elements the music world has to offer. The band has such a unique and broad sound, it is quite hard to actually place a specific genre Faded Paper Figures can be put in. All you can really do is describe it! If I were though to makeup a music genre for FPF I would call it indie space music. Synthesized beats and spacey galactic vibes, FPF is a force to be reckoned with. With much excitement, check out the interview I did with Faded Paper Figures!!  


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Question 1: What got you guys into making music? 

We've all been enjoying and making music since we were small.  It's been a part of our lives for as long as we can remember really.  

Question 2: What people intrigue you or inspire you to pursue music? (Can be in any field i.e music, writers, etc)

Our sources of inspiration are wide and very diverse.  In music, we grew up listening to classic indie from the '80s and '90s (everything from the Smiths and Depeche Mode to the Pixies and Radiohead), but, as your question implies, music isn't the only thing that inspires us.  We're also fascinated by the "life of the mind" more generally, which means delving into a great deal of literature, philosophy, and history (we are especially fascinated by technology and the odd ways it has become such an integral part of our lives).  

Question 3: How would you define the band's style of music?

When asked about the music, we typically say "indie-electronica" or "synth-pop" or something like that, but we're never satisfied with these labels, since they never quite capture how flexible we actually feel when making our music.  We wish there were a label that embodied that ethos without losing its descriptive force.  Let us know if you can think of one! 

Question 4: What influences your guys' style of music?

We get asked this question a lot, and there are certainly artists that have influenced us, but to be honest, we are often more influenced in a *negative* sense by what we hear, such that we sometimes say, "well, we don't want to sound like *that*" or "it would be great to sound like that, but we can't because so-and-so already did," etc.  So, our search is for something that sounds both intimately familiar and wholly new and creative.  It's a difficult balance.  

Question 5: What is your guys' favorite track Faded Paper Figures have done so far and why?

This is too hard!  It's like parents choosing a favorite child.  But we have been really happy with certain songs, in the way they just sort of "click" into place.  On our last album, we loved "Spare Me" and "Breathing," but we also think "Wake Up Dead" and "On the Line" are slightly underrated.  Too hard to choose!  

 Check Out the Tracks Here!

Question 6: How far do you guys plan to take your music and any goals for the future? 

We're working on a new album right now, and toying with the possibility of releasing songs as we write them (as "singles") rather than waiting until an entirely new album is all written and ready to toss out into the world.  In some ways, it would be a "throwback" strategy for us, since that's more or less how our first album Dynamo emerged.  Even if we did that, though, we'd probably hold back 4-5 new songs for a finished album release.  We'll just have to see how it goes.  We have no end goal with the music, it's just something we love doing and hope to have enough success that we can keep on doing it!  


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