After much praise with the recent release of Hebinomichi Vol.4, I thought interviewing one of the co-founders would be an intriguing read. Ahh ooh is a special artist who incorporates guitar and electronic music elements in all his tunes. From Detroit, Ahh ooh plays around with all different rudiments of music to give you an unique song that you can radiantly move along to. From starting Herbinomichi, an online music collective, with co-founder Stelouse, to premiering on lineups such as Lightning in a Bottle’s 2016 Music Festival, Ahh ooh has been packing in the work to deliver his all for his devoted listeners.  One unique aspect each of his tracks obtains is his stylistic way of playing with guitar. I think having this in is music gives him an edge some artists don’t have. With funk and spacey vibes, Ahh ooh packages together a smooth and indie like sound unlike any other with tracks such as “Motown Milkyway”, off the Journey Prime EP, and recent release “Right By Night”, off Hebinomichi Vol. 4. For Point of View Interview #16, I am excited to say, below you can check out the interview I did with Ahh ooh and read about his view on music and his inspirations.

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SoundCloud: ahh ooh
Twitter: @ahh_ooh

Question 1: What got you into making music? 
I have wanted to make music for as long as I can remember anything so it's hard to pin-point. But I think it probably stems from the fact that the happiest times in my house growing up were always surrounding loud music.

Question 2: What people intrigue you or inspire you to pursue music? (Can be in any field i.e. music, writers, etc.)  Great question, and I am always feeling pulled towards other artists that take the time to hash out and hatch out of their own realities. I am hugely inspired by the writer Alan Moore and his concept that an artist is really more like modern day Shaman than anything else. The concept of connecting people with their senses... to the unseen, to speak the unspoken through symbolism, and that kind of thing. I am also really inspired by the people around me making music - and obviously those that came and went before me. I am hugely into old Hawaiian records.

Question 3: How would you define your style of music? 3 Pennies rattling on the dashboard of your car that you keep forgetting to move until you've really had enough of the rattle and you finally remove them. Then your car feels all strange for about 10 minutes...

Question 4: What influences your style of work?
Stylistically - definitely my process, and my process is influenced by what I remember to enjoy about making music at any given point in time. There are weeks where I feel like I am trying to catch up to the world so I produce a lot in the box. Then there will be times where I hate working in the box at all and I am using all external equipment and playing everything in by hand... hence the reason for all the different styles and production types in my work. 

Question 5: What is your favorite track that you have produced so far?
Wishing Mission 

Question 6: How far do you plan to take your music, any goals? Who would you like to work with in the future?

I want to see the far ends of the earth with my friends and create music and artwork everywhere I go. I would LOVE to make music as a profession for the rest of my life. In the near future I would really like to work with an A+ vocalist like Gallant or an incredible drummer like Jimmy Chamberlin.


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