Voia just seems to never disappoint with every release he delivers to us. "Hyperloop" is just one of the many tracks Voia created where the song brings a stirring of emotion and passion that resonates immensely well with its listeners. His new DnB inspired release is filled with uplifting bright melodies and heart-felt words making the song a perfect first single for his upcoming album, futuresong. Voia tends to not only create music that is vividly strong with instrumentals but also generates powerful inspiring lyrics that makes him unparalleled. Below I had the opportunity to ask Voia a few prime questions about the inspiration behind the track, "Hyperloop," along with talk about his unreleased album! Enjoy! 

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What/who were the inspirations behind "Hyperloop"?

“Hyperloop,” as well as my past 3 singles, are tracks off of my upcoming concept album titled futuresong, which will be released in December. The album goes further into detail about the character Voia and his interaction with our world.
Specifically for this song, I was reading about a couple of experimental technologies being in development for train systems on the West Coast code named 'Hyperloop,' which is supposedly going to be very fast upon completion, and bring millions of people closer together. I wanted to create something that felt magnificent, but also fast and driving.

How about the inspiration for the lyrics of the track? 

In addition to the Hyperloop project I referenced before, I was inspired by my daily commute to work - I take about an hour long train ride into NYC every day, but even the slightest accident can interrupt the system and make people stranded far away from where they want to be. I think it's interesting to note how delicate a balance our daily routines can be, and how easily we can fall off track.
I also wrote this song about what it feels like to lose a friend- I wanted to come at it from a perspective of two people trying to reconcile their differences, but ultimately feeling that their relationship was unhealthy. It's less of a negative perspective, and more of a "farewell," and learning how to move past that part of your life.

For an amazing track this rich, how long did it take to complete? How do you start your writing process, both lyrically and instrumentally? 
I'm a bit strange in the sense where I'll have melodies and musical ideas sitting around in my head for months until I do something about them, but finally will be able to finish production on a track in about a week or so. Lyrics are a lot more difficult, because I want to make sure the tone of the vocals fit perfectly with the song. Writing the lyrics took about two weeks here.

What do you hope listeners will mostly feel or take away when listening to "Hyperloop"?

First of all, I would hope that people would be able to feel the compassion resonating from the songs I write- a lot of love goes into everything I do, and I want to make sure that each song is touching, even if the moods change from track to track. 
The simplest idea behind “Hyperloop” is finding peace in the midst of chaos - it's a feeling a lot of us are looking out for very often, and I'd hope to provide a little oasis to see the bright side in stressful situations.


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