Nothing but cuteness oozes out from this unique artist! QT Milk creates illustrations that form into eye candy that can never get too sweet. From the bright and complementary colors she chooses to the characters she creates, QT Milk gathers her imagination to create art that will only amaze you. Milk also collaborates and brands: she Twitter branded music artist Roger Clark, collaborated with the anime streaming platform Crunchyroll, and is responsible for the bubbly branding of the artist collective, Rora Collective, plus many more! In every piece she constructs together, QT Milk is able to create visuals that show and express her personality. All you feel when looking at her creations is the love and passion she obtains for the art she produces. Being an artist at this year's Rora Collective's RorAX pop-up art show, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview QT Milk and ask about her inspirations and intriguing visual art. Hope you enjoy!

You can also catch QT Milk at this weekend's Anime Expo on Artist Alley booth F55!

Follow QT Milk on:
Website: qtmilk.com
Twitter: @qtmilk
Instagram: @milkyego
SoundCloud: milkyego
Store: qtmilk.storenvy.com

Question 1: What got you into making art?
I've been drawing since I was a young- like, 5 or younger- because of cartoons I watched as a kid. I started out mostly drawing animals, and monsters (especially Pokemon). So, I've just been doing it my whole life, something I naturally do. When it comes to doing art professionally, it was honestly the anime convention artist alley circuit that made me realize I could keep going with it and make it my whole life! Which is why I'm able to do that, now!
Question 2: What people intrigue or inspire you to pursue visual art? (Can be in any field i.e. music, writing, film, etc.)
 I get really into anyone who is working to do their own thing. I admire all my musician friends, and all my illustrator friends- like, anyone working hard to do what they love, regardless of what sort of art it is. That's honestly what inspires me most. 
Question 3: How would you define your style of artwork?
Like sweetened condensed milk flavour. 
Question 4: What do you hope someone will gain out of seeing the illustrations you create? 

I make my art totally for my own satisfaction, so what people get out of it isn't something I normally think about! Though I suppose since my work is very personal for me, I really appreciate it when it resonates with the people who see it. 
Question 5: What is your favorite piece you have created so far?
My favorite piece is the one I titled "TEAR". It expresses the emotions I felt at the time perfectly, in a tasteful way, and I really enjoy how it looks. It’s sort of the direction I want to move to with all my work. 

Question 6: How far do you plan on taking your art? Any future plans or goals you want to achieve? 
 I constantly have too many plans and things I want to do with my art. I want to take it as far as humanly possible and do as many things as possible; I don't think my mind will let me do otherwise! In a perfect world where I get to do any and all the art I want, I'd really like to animate, work with music or musicians, and learn to make toys. We'll see what happens!


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