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The new original song, “Sunrise Cutie” by TOFUKU, is an amazing new hit and we love every second of it! “Sunrise Cutie’’ is a stellar song providing a cutesy feel and also a heartwarming experience. The song was truly made from the heart, with every lyric TOFUKU’s beautiful voice projects, it makes for a one of a kind tune.  “Sunrise Cutie” was released through Rora Collective on June 25th. Being TOFUKU's first original, it made a great hit on SoundCloud with over 2,000+ plays. The lyrics being the core part of the song really give off an ambient feel of love and charm. TOFUKU's release is captivating with its imagery that this song puts to your mind when you first take a listen. This song is the perfect background music for sitting with you and your special someone. In this setting, both of you are on a cloud while the sunrise is happening and a flock of doves wisp away, leaving a trail of radiant sparkles that glisten and light up the sky making the ambiance even more immersive. To get a hold of what TOFUKU has to offer with "Sunrise Cutie", take a listen below! 
Also, be sure to see TOFUKU play live during Rora Collective’s RorAX on Saturday, July 2nd.

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With "Sunrise Cutie" being your first original what was the inspiration behind the track?

This song actually has a funny origin! It was re-purposed from a bare-bones WIP I started the first week I ever played with production, early May of this year. All I had then was the intro at the very beginning. Then I went to Fanime (an anime convention in Northern California) at the end of May and ended the weekend experiencing a sunrise with someone I deeply care about. I didn't even sleep that night; I just stayed up and got to work because my heart was so full of beautiful feelings & imagery.

How did you come up with the lyrics for the song?

As I was piecing together all of the instrumental tracks, I could sense that some cutesy, sugary-sweet lyrics would be perfect to tell my story. I'm a very quick lyric-writer so I actually wrote each line right before recording them, haha! I just wrote directly from the heart, taking my real memories and sprinkling a little pixie dust on them.

What do you want listeners to mostly feel or take away when listening to "Sunrise Cutie"? 

My goal is to compose immersive, detailed, fantasy-rich words & sounds that will either whisk the listener away to their own little wonderland, or bring a little fantasy into their world, like magic sparkles before their eyes. 
Simply, I want people to listen to my music and see beautiful things in their everyday lives they never have before! "A pretty little shimmer of color when things are so stark." So much stress and sadness exists in our world, and I want to show everyone that it's okay to have your head in the clouds, to always be dreaming vivid colors & dreamy feelings, that life can be so sweet when you let your imagination run free.

So what's next for TOFUKU? Anything we can anticipate for? 

I have a couple more original singles in the works currently, and I'm also collaborating with SO many amazingly talented producers and vocalists alike on their respective projects. You can expect more music in this style, but I'm also experimenting with chill, mellow hip-hop beats as well as upbeat jersey-style tracks so stay tuned!! This is only the beginning. <3


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