With the Paper Crane LA show only one week away, the PC founder, Madnap, transformed a Kayne West classic into a future pop like remix. Hosting uplifting synths and beats, Madnap's signature style is found profusely in his energetic remix of "Heartless," making his version dance-able and melodious. Displayed into a new SoundCloud profile, "madnap remixes," we are more than ready to see what he experiments with next! Asking a few key questions, Madnap told us all about his inspiration and action behind his new Kanye remix! Enjoy!

Below you can take a listen and share Madnap's remix of "Heartless" and get a free download here!

Also, you can catch Madnap at Paper Crane's LA show on Wednesday, August 3rd! RSVP HERE!

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What gravitated you into choosing to remix Kanye West's "Heartless"?

808's & Heartbreak is the album that first got me into electronic music, it absolutely changed my life and is still one of my favs. Heartless has always been a favorite of mine off the album and I wanted to give it a modern spin that'd make it accessible for DJ's to play out and people to enjoy listening to! I love Kanye so much. 

Any influences/inspirations you had during the creation of this remix?

I was definitely influenced by the likes of Louis The Child and Manila Killa for this one, seeing either of them drop this live would make my life complete. 

What do you hope listeners will take away when they listen to your version of "Heartless" compared to the original? 

I just hope that the remix will make people smile or dance and hopefully check out the original or just 808's & Heartbreak in general. I had a lot of fun making the remix and I hope people will be able to feel that through listening to it. 

What can we expect from your new SoundCloud archive "madnap remixes"?

I'm really not sure at this point! It’s just an account for unofficial remixes so if I do any more flips or edits in the future that’s where you'll find them!



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