[PREMIERE] "OFTEN (bringitbackgyal)" - KARE 

 Bedroomer Collective is dropping another fire compilation titled, Main-Room, and it's filled with artists who's tracks are more than club ready. One of the Leaders of the Toronto based collective, Kare, her track premiere sets the right tone in the direction you can expect Main-Room to go in. With Kare's "OFTEN (bringitbackgyal)," incorporating the weekend vocals and glistening sythns, it gives us anticipation for what Bedroomer's new compilation will bring all together. Below check out the Artist Q&A with Kare as she talks about what inspired Main-Room and what it will deliver! Enjoy!
Main-Room drops Febuaray 16th, Thursday via Bedroomer!

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What inspired this new compilation?

For a lil, while some of the people on this compilation were spending a lot of weekends and late nights together, enjoying summer in Toronto, and all of the events thrown here. Despite all of the sleepy tunes on the last compilation, we really are a group that likes dance music, especially music that makes you move and sweat. While a faster-paced compilation has always been a thing we wanted to do, I would say one particular event, Unsound. Held at a huge empty generator station in Toronto over an entire weekend, filled with interactive art, brought us closer together and reminded us that this compilation was something we wanted to do. The sensual experience at these events, the lights, crowds, and secret corners where you meet new people in the dark, to a bass heavy soundtrack is something we've all been obsessed with, hoping maybe this is something we can capture in this main-room.

Can you tell us about how the collection of artists for this new compilation came to together?

This compilation really came together through a lottttttt of emails and Facebook messages. Admittedly there were lots of pictures of cute dogs riddled throughout, but that is where the breadth of the works on this compilation came together. People like Eytan Tobin, Hudson Alexander, and our graphic designers, Jenn Illet and Viscera, also brainstormed our visuals for this album, with the goal to represent the “Main-Room Event” as our cover . 

What do you hope Main-Room will do for this collective as a whole?

Hopefully people will understand, we as a collective, are able to turn up but also down all of the people on this collective. I think we have a reputation for producing chill-er tracks and with this comp. we kinda wanted to show that we also have no chill :). From spending a lot of time with the people on this compilation on the weekends, we know this about each other, but now it's time for the world to know that too!

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