Bohkeh is back with another brilliant collaboration and this time it's with the soulful New Jersey artist Ehiorobo! Titled "Happy Place," this track will make you feel like you are in your own happy place. With Ehiorobo's beautiful falsettos and Bohkeh's energetic synths, this collaboration's rapturous aura only transports listeners making this tune one to brighten every soul. Below engage into the Artist Q&A with Bohkeh and Ehiorobo all about their new song, "Happy Place"! Enjoy!

Below share and listen to Bohkeh's "Happy Place" ft. Ehiorobo!

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How did this collaboration arise?

Bohkeh: This collab has been actually in talks for a good while haha! Ehi and I traded compliments about each other's music about half a year ago and were both interested in working together. Fast forward about a couple of months, I wrote this little instrumental that I felt was really good, but for some reason it was incomplete. It was just missing something.. EHIOROBO! Literally, he was the first person that came to mind. I then DM’d him a little snippet of the track, and we just clicked! "Happy Place" was born.

What was the inspiration you guys had for this track?

Bohkeh: I'm a huge fan of happy sounding tracks that can grab a bit of a punch as well. I love giving each instrument space to have its own spotlight because every element thrown in here takes its effect on the overall feeling. With this track, like most of the songs I’ve released, I want people to feel real good about themselves as soon as the last wave sound is heard. I knew Ehiorobo would be able to assist this track with his beautiful voice and attracting lyrics. I literally fell in love with the track even more as soon as he sent me the first draft of lyrics. 

Ehiorobo: I pretty much kept thinking about what it feels like to start a relationship with someone. Noticing them falling in love with how you treat yourself and the world around you and stuff. To me, a “happy place” is just a state of mind that people can tap into when they’re practicing self-love to the highest degree, and it’s def possible to grow attracted to someone based off appreciating how they treat themselves. I know all of that might’ve sounded really spacy and preachy or whatever hahaha, my bad. To me, the instrumental Bohkeh made sounded like a mix between high-energy jubilee, and intimacy, so the idea for the vocals came about when I first started singing some gibberish that later turned into words. I usually pick a few keywords based on what I first start randomly singing to an instrumental, then I go on from there.

How about when it came to the lyrics?

Ehiorobo: Personally, when I write I try to think of it like a really informal monolog. One that I can either just talk through, or really gather something and be a bit more colorful if I so choose. Just a little play or something haha, idk. With this song, I imagined being outside, hanging out with someone who you’re really into, and inviting them to your secret hideout. Like, the spot where you walk around without socks (feet smelling, etc.), hair out, kinda just kicking it, being really comfortable. For some people that comfort means not being comfortable, like doing yoga, or lifting weights, or running, or reading a book or something. Yup, the lyrics are probably meant to be something like a snapshot of a love interest learning more about how their  “subject” feels most in tune with themselves, and in this situation, it’s the writer. Not writing to explain the happy place, but more writing about what a scene looks like when a person gets to experience somebody else’s.

What do you hope listeners will resonate with most when hearing "Happy Place"?

Bohkeh: I hope our listeners spread their affection into what they truly love and believe in. “Happy Place” isn’t just a location or one's position, but an emotional state of having self-love and accepting that we are all unique individuals. I think it's important to notice that in everyone. Once we show and teach others that self-love is important and totally acceptable, the world would be a wonderful place. 

Ehiorobo: I hope listeners peep the song and relish sharing intimate stuff with other people a bit more. Like, really thinkin’ about how they feel throughout the whole process. But also not being too in their own head about it, haha, just kinda letting it happen you know? The emotion of hype (like high-energy trap arms hype) isn’t something that can be meditated upon, just gotta let yourself be spontaneous and allow energy to be triggered and stuff. I think the most enjoyable types of attraction feel like trap arms, and long-winded pondering at the same time. 


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