What seems like a full year of waiting for the long awaited EP, Seattle's metsä delivers undoubtedly one his best projects yet. Self-released last week, The Flowers in Our Hearts was heavily inspired by his surroundings and meaningful life experiences. The EP starts with a blooming edit of a Calvin Harris track titled, "Her" as well as including multiple collaborations with vocalists Harper XO and Sophie Kloor. The creamy and vivid synth structure and percussion usage nurture a wispy project that displays metsä's blooming growth in his artistry. Easing out of summer and into the colder months, The Flowers in Our Hearts is the perfect soundtrack to your transitioning seasons. Getting to know more depth behind the EP, below check out our Q&A with the talented creator behind this EP! Enjoy!

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What was the inspiration behind your new EP?

The idea for me to make a comprehensive project started around this time last summer. I had finished a few tracks and decided that maybe I should save these for something worthwhile. So, I kept them.  I was dealing with the start and end of some personal relationships which made me create a lot of music. This spring, I had a relationship end which then created some more tracks for the EP. You can kind of hear/feel that trend in the way the EP moves through each track. It was a cathartic way for me to deal with everything going on in my life. Along with that, it was daily experiences that inspired me and the fact I absorb so much from the world around me. I needed to put that into music. I was also lucky enough to travel and play some shows, so seeing people move and enjoy my music in person really fueled me to create something of a higher caliber.

Can you tell us a bit about how your collaborations came together?

Sophie’s was crazy, and I had found a vocal track from her in a sound pack that Robbie (Raiku) gave me last summer when I visited LA. I was on a plane back from Amsterdam a few weeks later when I had the idea to make “Move Slowly” (titled canals at the time cause, you know, Amsterdam has waterways). I was digging through my sample packs trying to find vocals, and I stumbled across something in what Robbie gave me that fit perfectly. I messaged him and asked “Hey, who sings this??”. It turns out it was his friend Sophie! We then decided to make a totally original track when I sent her the idea for Hues.

The collab with Harper XO is crazy as well, just happened to message her on Facebook looking to catch up and see if she wanted to work on a track sometime. I had the idea for “About Us” laid down, but no main vocals only a loop that I cut up and pitched up. She took that and ran with it, writing full lyrics in an hour or so and sending it back to me and then all I had to do was mix it in and add some effects. She wrote my exact feelings I was going through making that track, and having someone pull lyrics from my production is insane to me. Be on the lookout for more tracks from her and me. Really thankful to work with these talented artists and I don’t think the tracks would be the same without their vocals/ideas.

What would you say your favorite track from The Flowers In Our Hearts is?

That is a tough question as I love/hate all the tracks on there for a specific reason.  I’d say, “About Us.” I went out of my way to try something different for that main section, and I got lucky with it.  The track before didn’t sound right with harder hitting synths, and once I switched to that bell like sound, it clicked. The one that is surprising to me that people like is “Move Slowly.” I was really scared to put that one out because I didn’t think it was my best mix/composition ever... However, it seems to click really well with people which is great!

How did you come up with the title for the EP?

It stemmed from me thinking about everything in my life that I’ve had to grow, cultivate and work hard to build. You must cut things out, you need to grow new friendships, and you should try to weather hard times.  Flowers fit that metaphor. Some things grow, and some die off. So, the project became the The Flowers In Our Hearts.

What do you hope listeners will take away after listening to the EP?

I hope that what I produced and wrote relates to their own life in some way or another. I also hope that listeners will go back through the project and have some songs become a favorite of theirs. I set out to create something worthwhile listening to and longer lasting than I feel like some of the tracks I put out in the past. This EP marks the start of my music to come, and I hope it solidifies my spot in the many talented up and coming artists right now.


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