After a year of hard work and plentiful anticipation, Strider is back with a zooming new EP titled, Neo Dreams. This futuristic six track EP captures Strider's current mind on music. With his cyberpunk inspired tracks such as, "Race Through Cyber City" and "Laser Grid Road," they incorporate hyper beats and bright synths. Then you also have a glowy piano composition like "Creation of Synthetic Souls" concluding the EP in a dreamy manner. Neo Dreams is filled with imagination and galactic ideas that flow together to give us true Strider work.

Below check out the Q&A with Strider all about his new EP Neo Dreams! Enjoy!

Also, you can download Neo Dreams on Bandcamp here!

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What inspired Neo Dreams? How did you come up with the EP's title?

Hi Melting of Age! A lot of my inspiration comes from the Cyberpunk genre. Advanced technology, hacking, dystopia, artificial intelligence and future civilizations were all big influences thematically. I became very enamored with the images, films, and music that often fit under this umbrella and I wanted to branch out a bit from the familiar sounds in cyberpunk music, if not build upon it.

As for promoting the EP, it was a genius and very engaging method! Can you tell us a little bit about how the idea started?

Wow, thank you! These days, you have to stand out in order to get people to pay attention. That's not their fault. It may be because we're bombarded with new stuff all the time, who knows?

I can't tell you exactly how I came up with my promotion ideas, though. All I can say is watch tutorial so you can learn to do it yourself. Here you go:

Do you have any favorites from the EP?

All of them have my favorite little moments in them! "Mainframe Hackers" sounds like what I imagine Data Boy's room would feel if I ever met him. I have no idea where he lives, though. Probably in an abandoned warehouse with an underground fortress somewhere.

What do you hope listeners will think, of you as an artist, when listening to Neo Dreams?

I hope they think about doing something creative and putting their own spin on things! Or maybe recycling. Our future is always something we need to think about, and we need to take good care of things!


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