Being a subscriber to Justin Escalona's YouTube channel, titled, PlayTheGameFilms, for about 2 years now, the growth in his YouTube career is astonishing and exciting. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Justin made the big move to the city of LA straight after high school to start his journey as a student at USC. With help from his friends, Justin creates daily YouTube videos, titled Daily Docs, that document his everyday life. Putting his style and touch in every video he delivers, each doc incorporates cinematic sequences and occasionally hilarious skits that show off the talent of not only himself but the people he is surrounded with as well. Besides his channel obtaining personal vlogs, this creator also carries ingeniously edited short films that display the opportunities he has encountered such as, "This is Ahh," a short film for Coca-Cola and his "2015 Director Reel," a collection of clips that show all that he has accomplished within one year. From concert photography to filmmaking, Justin is also touching entrepreneurial grounds with his clothing line named, 1340 Collective Co. Being only 20 years old, there are no limits for this brilliant young man when it comes to achieving anything and everything you want, as long as you devote yourself to it. Below check out this installment of Point of View Interview with Justin Escalona as he talks all about his inspirations and work. Enjoy!

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1. What got you into making YouTube videos/films? How about when it came to starting "Daily Docs"?

I originally got into making YouTube videos all the way back in 5th grade. My friends and I found a camera around my house and started shooting with it. I still make videos with those very same people I started with eight years ago. When I moved to LA last year, that’s when I started the transition into a daily vlogger. The reason why I started filming my everyday life was because I felt like I was wasting my time in California and making myself make a new video on a daily basis would push me out of that slump.

2. What people intrigue or inspire you to make shorts films/YouTube videos? How about photography?

My main inspirations for making content is definitely rooted within various directors. I’m a major fan of Martin Scorsese, John Hughes and Aaron Sorkin. It’s interesting how each of those people find their own unique ways to tell stories.

3. How would you define your style of videos?

I would define my style of videos as a hybrid between a typical blog and reality TV. The reason why I named my vlogging series “Daily Docs” was because I didn’t want it to be like every other vlogger out there. I wanted to build characters within my vlog and shoot it in a very unique style that is hard to emulate.

4. What do you hope your viewers will gain or feel when seeing your work?

When I make content, my main goal is to inspire other kids to go out and just try new things. I’ve been doing all sorts of work within the film industry ever since I was in elementary school. I used to tour with rappers and make recap videos of shows, then on the other hand I’m out here making commercials for Brisk Tea. You never know how the things you do will eventually help you become who you want to be one day. I moved to LA with hopes of being a director then turned into a fairly successful vlogger. You just never know.

5. What's your favorite short film/video you have created so far and why?

My favorite project I’ve yet to create is a film titled “THE SUBURBS”. It’s about the internal struggles I had while living in the suburbs of Chicago. The pressures of getting into a good college were overwhelming and I feel like it was one of the most personal projects I’ve ever made.

6. How far do you plan to take your work in filmography and/or your YouTube channel? Any future plans or goals?

Whenever people ask me where I see myself in a few years, I never have a good answer for them because my life is so unpredictable. I never thought I would be vlogging, but hey look at me now. As of now, my best friend Nick Kowalski and I have been working on a pretty big project that we hope to get the ball going on. We have a really sick manager that is helping us potentially make the transition from YouTube to TV.


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