From Youngstown, Ohio, FLOOR BABA, founder of music label DESKPOP, musically and visually entertains us with his unique and eye boggling style. From his 3D artwork to his jazz/hip-hop influenced SoundCloud, FLOOR BABA showcases his talent in a variety of ways. Incorporating high pitched quirky narratives and catchy drums, his new EP, titled, Basement Bumps, rightly soothes and melts your soul. FLOOR BABA is honestly incomparable. His style in both visual art and music can only be described as something wonderfully original and mesmerizing. Below check out Point of View Interview #31 with FLOOR BABA as he answers questions related to the inspiration behind his work. Enjoy!

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Question 1: What got you into making music and graphic art?

Mmmm it's kinda just always been an innate desire for me to create, I think. A common thread in pretty much everything I did and do is the idea of creating a new world in one form or another. Playing video games growing up really had a huge part in that. Seeing music and art and design all working together to provide this total experience. One discipline at a time I think I'm probably working towards that.

Question 2: What people intrigue you or inspire you to pursue music and visual art?

I would say the overarching figures that have always inspired me are encompassed by brands like Nintendo and Adult Swim. Under those brands you have almost all my favorite musical acts associated, like Koji Kondo, Hip Tanaka, Flying Lotus, MF DOOM, etc. and all their music almost always has something visual in mind or has strong graphic design associated. Like I was just on the edge of my seat absorbing all of that as fast as I could growing up. Now in the day-to-day I kinda have this huge network of artists from different disciplines that I've met personally or online over the years that I am honestly inspired by and get to call my friends. It's something I really feel very lucky for. They understand what I'm trying to do and in many cases have even shown me the ropes in some program or something. And then I'll help release their album or arrange track art commissions for them or do the art for their music in return. Just a really creative and supporting network.

Question 3: How would you define your style of music?

I generally tell people I'm more of a jazzer and composer than I am a SoundCloud producer or something. I do electronic music that's often been used in DJ sets for clubs and stuff but I do it through the lens of like, bebop jazz, neo-soul, vaporwave, trap, hip-hop, avant-garde classical... I sort of use familiar song structure, mixing techniques, and genres to infuse them with all these seemingly unrelated material I guess. Idk at the end of the day I just write what I want and when an album starts to come together I pursue that vision and then release it. And then some people seem to dig it. Haha.

Question 4: As a graphic artist, what is your favorite piece that you have created? Why?

You know it's weird but I don't really have favorites. I think "magical ruins" shows a fusion of styles and gives the impression I want my more serious works to have. Sort of a tiny alternate world.

Question 5: What is your favorite track that you have produced so far and why?

Hmmmm... again I don't really have favorites. Everything I do sort of serves a purpose or is a standout in one way or another to me. The stuff I'm working on behind the scene for my next full length NEON DEATH (no release date yet) is next level for myself personally. I'm really pushing myself to go harder, go faster, go more emotional, go more organic. But that's all still under wraps other than to a few friends/musicians/live shows. My favs from my debut album GAMEWAVE are probably Ornamental Plants or R O T O N D A.

Question 6: How far do you plan to take your music and graphic art, any goals? Who would you like to work with in the future?

My end goal is to be in some way more than just an artist. Whether it be seeing my label DESKPOP get bigger or possibly starting or joining a serious game dev team. Of course I wouldn't mind being signed to a label like Brainfeeder or being hired at Adult Swim or Nintendo or something. Maybe even just doing contract work on the side. Idk. For now I'm honestly really happy with where I am, the opportunities that come my way, what I'm building. I'm engaged, I have a house, have a good work/life balance, have friends, have an audience, have life experiences because of my art... I'm pretty content to even do this and just keep learning privately, honestly.


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