Fytch's upcoming EP, titled, Show You, will bring you a new perspective on how bass music's sound can be diverse and emotionally driven. With the first release of the EP, the EP title track, "Show You" dropping yesterday, this Parisian producer is wrapping his music in passion and originality. Playing with buzzing synths and bass, each track has a sound of its own displaying Fytch's skill and technique on making electronic music unique. Via Heroic RecordingsShow You will be released on September 23.

Below check out the Q&A I had with Fytch discussing about his unreleased EP and more. Enjoy!

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What was the inspiration behind the EP, Show You?
The inspiration for ‘Show You’ really came out of the timing of things. I made the EP after a year of experimentation in various facets of the electronic music scene during which I completely changed my workflow and focused a lot of energy into developing my sound. With this fresh perspective, I decided to detach myself from what I was hearing in the scene and just make an EP from the ground up; the result was Show You.

How did you come up with the lyrics for the track, “Echoes”?
In the past I wrote a lot of dark, melancholic love songs and I wanted to do something different. For ‘Echoes’ I decided to create something melodic but more uplifting. The lyrics themselves were inspired by someone I met in Boston around the time I was working on the song. It’s not someone I know well, but she served as my muse and the fact that we had only met gave me more freedom to be creative.  

Can you tell us a bit about your collab with Alisa Nappa on the EP title track,“Show You”?
‘Show You’ was by far the song that happened the fastest and most naturally. After ‘Over My Head’ I really wanted to work on new projects with Alisa and I wasn’t fully satisfied with ‘Echoes’ being the main track for this EP. When I returned to Paris after the end of my semester, I made the instrumental in about three days and forwarded it to Alisa. This was the first time that I gave a singer complete freedom to write a part for our song. The result was that as soon as I got the recordings back, ‘Show You’ became the main track on the EP. As for the sound of the song itself, I owe it to my new workflow, which is a lot more focused on working with external controllers and playing the music rather than clicking away with a mouse and keyboard.

What do you want your listeners to feel when listening to the EP?
Each song creates its own little ecosystem of imagery and feelings. I think the response turns out to be a very personal reaction and so if anything, I hope that the music speaks to my listeners and they can connect with it in their own personal way. In terms of where the electronic music is heading, I hope it can reveal that there is a lot more to explore in the electronic domain, and that as artists we have to work to push genre boundaries. If we work according to these classifications of genre, we become limited in our ability to innovate and express ourselves.

In what direction do you hope this EP will take your music career?
I see this EP as the start of a new stage in my career. Since starting production at the age of 14, I had a lot of obstacles to overcome in terms of the technicalities of production, my overall experience with the industry and my creative understanding of music itself. Although I don’t think we ever stop learning about these, it seems that we do reach certain milestones and I realize the music making process has become more organic over time. This has enabled me to think more purposefully about what I want Fytch to represent and it has given me more time to interact with my audience. In this next stage, the music will become less and less genre-bound and I hope we’ll see Fytch emerge and establish itself as something more concrete.


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