Creating art that enhances your visual appetite for unusual and remarkable art, graphic artist, Kiki Miura has just the skills to fulfill this need. From Honolulu, Hawaii, Miura can illustrate and produce 3D scenes and designs that show emotion and consistent personality in each one. The objects she chooses and the contrast colors incorporated, she really has an eye for combining pieces of unique character to give us stimulating art that works together cohesively and vibrantly. Her art is intriguing the eyes of many, from working on flyers for various nightclub events to eye-catching music cover art, Kiki Miura continues to express her creative self in the visual art she offers to the world. It is truly a pleasure and gift we get to see. Below, check out the interview I had with the amazing visual artist, Kiki Miura! Enjoy!

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Question 1: What got you into making graphic design/art?

Ever since I can remember I always enjoyed taking art classes. Whether it was drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. Even though I knew I wasn’t the best in the class, I enjoyed being able to express myself through art. I think playing and watching a lot of Pok√©mon growing up had a big influence on my desire to pursue art. I was intrigued by the gradual evolution of the game’s graphics as it went from monotone pixel art to colorized 2D art. Since the graphics were quite minimal, it left lots to the imagination.

Question 2: What people intrigue or inspire you to pursue visual art? 

The majority of my inspiration comes from music and I listen to a whole bunch of different genres. I tend to engulf myself into the music to portray the feelings, things and places of where it takes me. Over the past few years, I’ve met quite a bunch of artists from diverse fields that I also channel inspiration from.  Seeing/Hearing the work that they produce and watching them grow as artists down their different paths has given me the motivation to become a better artist.

Question 3: How would you define your style of artwork?

Possibly 3D cyber art? I don’t necessarily think I have a specific style. I like to explore numerous styles. 

Question 4: What do you hope someone will gain out of seeing the art you create? 

I’d like to make them see an alternate reality. To take them to a place familiar yet untraditional and unknown.

"Clearest Cube"
Question 5: What is your favorite piece you have created so far?

Probably this piece called “Ethereal” because it came out completely unexpected and different than how I imagined it to.
Question 6: How far do you plan on taking your art? Any future plans or goals you wish to achieve?

I would love to see maybe one of my pieces printed and shown in a gallery.


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