From Southern California arises producer gupi with his latest EP titled Company! Released on internet label, Rora Team, Company fuses together quirky melodies and distorted mechanical synths accompanied by bouncing bass and riveting vocal samples. Tracks such as "Company," a soaring adventure of colorful amplified beats or his simmering collaboration with Ivy Hollivana titled, "All of Your Heart," mold and shape gupi's latest EP into a cohesive theme of bringing something fresh and light-hearted to the table. With a total of 5 boisterous tracks, the EP also includes a revamp of his noteworthy track "Porlap's Adventure" titled, "Porlap's Revenge"! Below take a read on our Q&A with Rora Team's gupi, talking all about his new EP Company! Enjoy!

Company is now available for purchase here!

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What was your inspiration behind the EP?

In plain honesty, the EP is about what it’s like having crushes on people. This is something I have a very hard time dealing with. So as cheesy and cliche as it is, I wanted to express my feelings through m u s i c. I’m really thankful that is something I can do because it has helped me deal with a lot of things.

How did your collaboration with Ivy Hollivana come about?

I was actually out in Florida playing a show with Play It Loud, and I met Ivy there. We were talking after the show, and she brought up that she sings and I thought “holy moly” because I had been looking for a singer for like a few months! So I sent her the song that needed vocals on it and it all just sort of worked out really well.

Which would you say is your favorite track on the EP?

Oh man, it’s a tie between "I Feel Calm With You" and "Company." I feel like both are probably my best songs at the moment, and I’m really proud of both of them. "I Feel Calm With You" was actually added pretty last minute because it accidentally came together very quickly, and I’m really glad it did because, in my opinion, the EP wouldn’t be much without it.

What do you hope listeners will take away after listening to Company?

I hope the people who listen to Company just have fun listening to it and jam out! It was a lot of fun to make, and I hope that it will be equally as fun to listen to. Nothing else makes me happier than people enjoying my music.


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