You can never describe exactly an artist who's music is undeniably unique, and talent is unlimited. Halpe, an Argentinian native producer, has carried his music throughout the years on multiple platforms to express himself in electronic music. The tracks he releases extort a sound that you would say resembles an ethereal yet uncanny identity. Some tracks like "Jewels" or "Hidden" display Halpe's skill in driving emotion and self-expression in every beat and sample used. In collaborating with artists like Sophie Meiers and Verzache or re-imagining tracks of DZZ or VALENTINE, it is always the case this extraordinary artist can wrap any composed idea he has into master-work. With a growing following on SoundCloud, Halpe continues to make music that encases his individuality as an artist and person. Below enjoy a read all about Halpe and his music in this round of Point of View Interview and take a listen to the exclusive MOA Guest Mix!

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Question 1: What got you into making music? 

As far as I can remember, I heard the live version of "Moby Dick" by Led Zeppelin with the big drum solo from John Bonham when I was ten. I immediately sat on the drums of my uncle and started practicing for about a year and a half. At that time, I was listening to a lot of Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Pantera, The Doors, Rammstein, and ACDC to name a few. I was thinking about doing a band with friends, but I didn't have that many friends. Yeah, sad. Lol. I moved to Italy that year with my mom and some friends in school showed me "A Cause Des Garcons" by Yelle and fell completely in love with electro house. I tried to make something like that but completely failed, fast forward to 2014 I heard in this graffiti video the Falcons remix of Djemba Djemba. I just go for it the second time and tried to do something similar in FL and this time it worked, and now here I am making weird music hahaha!

Question 2: What people intrigue you or inspire you to pursue music?

Cashmere Cat, Mura Masa, Lucky Me Records, Flume and Hayao Miyazaki. A lot of homies too, for example, Airuei, Asan, Lil Dork, Baht, and Verzache. I'm sure forgetting someone, but those are who come to mind right now.

Question 3: How would you define your style of music?

Very cute emotional full of textures up-tempo weirdness.

Question 4: What influences your style of work?

Anime, plants, good fashion, bright colors, and women.

Question 5: What is your favorite track that you have produced so far?

I haven't released it yet, but if I have to choose from the ones that are out I would choose my remix of Cashmere Cat's "Rice Rain." Cashmere Cat holds a really special place in my heart, so starting this remix wasn't easy because I didn't want to ruin the original too much. It came out really cool and fun, and people enjoyed it, so that's what was a win.

Question 6: How far do you plan to take your music, any goals in mind? Who would you like to work with in the future?

My plan is to tour and keep making music and see what happens in the future. I don't have any clear goals in mind, but I think one is just to keep evolving my sound and stay true to what I want if that makes sense they're kinda dream collabs but Yung Lean or Mura Masa. 

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