Texas producer, Versosa, drops a fruitful EP titled, Apples and Oranges, composed of faithful beats that glow with every listen. With features like UK artist Skintrest and Korean vocalist Lemon, this project displays Versosa's ability to play around with piano instrumentals, bright synths, and addicting kick drum patterns. Tracks like "Fruit Juice" and his three versions of "Peach Tree," show that this young artist aspires to show the variety of sounds you can get from his style of production. Take a listen to Apples and Oranges, and it will definitely land a spot on your summer playlists. Below check out our Artist Q&A with Versosa all about his new EP! Enjoy!

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What was the inspiration behind Apples and Oranges

One of my biggest inspirations that contributed to Apples and Oranges was Meltycanon and Eugene Cam. The way they use trap sounds and instruments to make something unique and beautiful instead of typical “beats” has always been amazing to me. Another inspiration to Apples and Oranges has of course been fruit. I figured out a few months ago that fruit is really good like I'd snort a line of apples if I could. They're just so delicious.

How did the collab with you and Lemon begin?

The collaboration I did with Lemon first started when I heard her sing to Cashmere Cat’s “Mirror Maru”  track. The track was so beautiful to my ears that I had a seizure, and I was so hype. So after I heard a few more tracks by Lemon, I decided to jump in her SoundCloud dm’s and send her a few Apples and Oranges tracks. A few hours later she messaged me back and said she loved it and was down to hop on Apples and Oranges as the main vocalist.

Do you have a favorite track you enjoyed creating the most?

The track that I enjoyed creating the most is “Citrus.” I enjoyed making this track the most because I feel like it was a very pretty mashup of different cultures and music from opposite sides of the world. When I was first making the song, I had no idea what to do with it. I could have slapped a bunch of synths and call it future bass or I could’ve added some of my vocals on there, but I have a weird and deep voice, so that was a definite no. So I decided to add pieces of different genres to this song so everyone from all around the world can have a piece of the song they relate to.

When listening to the EP, what do you want listeners to take away from you as an artist? 

When listening to this EP, what I want people to take away is that you should just be yourself. I live in Houston where gang violence is stupid high because of underfunding for schools and poor living conditions. I’ve lost very good friends to factors like these, and it hurts a lot, so when I tell people I make music they assume I rap because I look like a headass, light skin, fuckboi SoundCloud rapper, but in reality I listen to artists like Cashmere Cat, Lido, and Rustie which makes me look awkward compared to people around me who listen to generic rap music. But when people see you a certain way it makes you act a certain way. I think it is because of reasons like this that there is so much negativity in the world. So at the end of the day, you should choose to be yourself and do what you want because there is always someone somewhere in the world who is going through exactly what you're going through.


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