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In a world where there are endless opportunities to display your creativity, this forward thinking YouTuber takes advantage of just that. Tara Chandra, who is also known as FashionBambini on YouTube, aspires to influence her viewers with her raw and creative platform. From her YouTube channel to the carefully coordinated fashion blog, Tara expresses her thoughts and emotions through the clothes she styles and wears. Based in Australia, her original content ranges from weekly vlogs titled, "T-Weekly," look books, and Easy Mag, a magazine filled with photos and people she admires and find interesting. With a voice she has no trouble using, below check out the interview I had with Tara talking all about her fashion and life inspirations. Enjoy!

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1. What got you into making YouTube videos, specifically lifestyle fashion?

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I avidly watched fashion YouTubers for a couple years before starting my channel. Watching other people create beautiful content and have a medium to express their personality and style has always intrigued me - so I had the desire to do the same. So one day in the Summer holidays (almost 4 years ago) I decided I would make a channel... and here we are today. 

2. What people intrigue you or inspire you to pursue YouTube and fashion?

I think I am most inspired to create content for my social media platforms when I see people doing what they are passionate about and love. My style is heavily influenced by my mood, the weather, and my muses I usually find on Instagram or YouTube. 

I am most intrigued by people who have the ability to express themselves within what they wear, and wearing an outfit with confidence. Confidence has been a huge journey for me, so to see others doing just that is awesome to see.

3. How would you define your style of videos?

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This is a difficult question because my channel has definitely drifted away from only focusing on fashion and lifestyle. I think my videos are a mixture of fashion, lifestyle, self-education/-realization, my friends, and random other videos I want to be filming. My style of videos are most probably defined as an accumulation of memories. Each of my videos capture something or someone - mainly me at a point in a time - my style through the years, my thoughts and opinions, my growth as person, and the development of my confidence.

4. What do you hope your audience will gain or feel when watching your videos or viewing any of your work?

I think this is strongly dependent on each piece of work. If a specific video I have created has a deeper, underlying message, I'll usually write a brief description about it. For example, one of my recent videos 'UNI/COLLEGE LOOKBOOK #4' was edited in testament to girls (as International Girls Day was earlier this month). I included clips from the Disney film; Mulan, to highlight a Chinese woman defying gender stereotypes associated with what a woman can and cannot do, as defined by men. Disney played a large part in most of our childhoods, so Mulan was one of few strong female figures (which is empowering on its own) - but she also represents (despite being an animation) a WOC in a very white-washed industry. To further my sentiment, I included solely female singers for each outfit. The fact that I struggled to find female artists that I listen to for my video, says something in itself. 

I also recently released an online magazine, Easy Mag, which I dedicated to creatives. Creatives is such a vast word - which is why I chose it. It was aimed at anyone. I hoped for anyone and everyone to be able to draw inspiration from rising and established young creatives in the fashion, film, photography, music, etc. industries. 

But as a general note, I hope my audience will gain inspiration from my videos - in their style, producing their own content, and further self-education. 

5. What is your favorite video you have made so far?

Definitely my 'TARA TRAVELS || USA HIGHLIGHTS' video. It holds a lot of memories for me from my one month trip along the east coast of the States in December 2015/ January 2016 with my family. I also spent a very long time editing and perfecting the video. I feel a sense of nostalgia every time I watch it. 

6. How far do you plan to take your work? Whether its in the YouTube community or not, any goals?

I don't have a definitive, set time plan. I think I'll keep working till I don't want to do it anymore. However, I definitely see myself continuing on multiple social media platforms over time, expanding the types of content I produce. I don't want to restrict myself to a specific type of content. I do love making YouTube videos and I probably won't stop for a while as I find a large sense of enjoyment and fulfillment from the filming and editing process of creating videos. As for goals, I guess just doing work that makes me happy and proud. 


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