Rj Lim, aka Bohkeh, releases a fresh funky new track titled "Hold You"! With spring in our midst, Bohkeh captures a sweet sound of playful synths and vocals that gets us in the mood for the warm seasons. His signature style of sugary beats and popping drums infuse in every release. Especially in "Hold You," the gravity of pop and soul bounce back n forth on your speakers. Below check out our Artist Q&A with the one and only Bohkeh all about his track "Hold You"!

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Photo by: Landon Harris

What was the inspiration for “Hold You”?

Honestly, just like a lot of the songs I write, I start off blind and not knowing what the feel or structure I want to grasp. This piece actually had lots of turns before its finished product. I for sure wanted to make it a spring track since festival season is here hence, the watermelon on the cover art hehe. Since the festival season is underway I thought about making a breezy upbeat song, especially for people stoked about their events and spring break trips!

What was the writing process like for the track?

The writing process was very enjoyable! Like I stated above, this song had lots of turns before I decided it was finished. This caused me to take leaps such as changing the all the drums, adding instruments I'm not familiar with, or even making a whole alternate version. It's so cool because now I have like 3 versions of this song which I can play live or surprise fans with during shows. Usually, I stress about things not working out when writing but it was definitely different this time around. This song was just so fun to write!

How about when it came to the vocals?

Guess what? These vocals are actually a royalty-free sample from Splice BWAHAHA! I must say that the lyrics of these vocals totally captured the feel I wanted to go for this song. The vocals helped me finalize how I wanted the song to sound and helped a lot with its structure.  I wanted to take the vulnerability from the vocals and turn it into an effervescent pop song. I felt like I an exceptional job at doing so. 

For this track, what story would you like listeners to capture when listening to the “Hold You”?

This song is about having faith and holding on, especially when life gets rough. Knowing that things can work out even when you feel like the world is against you. Ultimately, I want people to gain from my music by feeling better and assisting them with positivity. I feel like having that kind of outlook changes lives and I'm just happy that I can provide that for some people. It's the best feeling in the world when people contact me saying my music does something for them. That keeps me going <3


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