Bohkeh is back again and this time he has a sweet thrilling track to share with us all. Featuring blissful vocals by Baechel, their new collab, "Sky," is a pop-y and bubbly tune that will cast a smile on your face. Full of textures and frothy synths, the two friends generated a combination of future classic and pop beats within the track. Just like the music video, the track's charming and colorful qualities is what makes it so unique. You might just catch yourself humming this bubbly anthem once you take a listen!

Below check out the Artist Q&A with Bohkeh talking all about his newest release with Baechel! Enjoy!

Also available for download here!

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1) Can you tell us about how this collab came to be? 

My good friend, Raychel Yu (Baechel) and I have been talking about collaborating and showcasing her voice for quite some time. After a while of just communicating and thinking of ideas, we finally got together and started recording!

2) What was the creative process like when collaborating on such a fun song?

Well, I personally like making music alone, so I went ahead and wrote this track just as practice for melodies. I really dug the melody and chord progression, so I continued to pursue it. After having the skeleton of the track, I sent it out to Raychel so she can do her magic in writing lyrics. We then got together to polish up the lyrics, record and complete the overall track!

3) What was the inspiration behind "Sky"? How about when it came to the lyrics?

Sky came about when we were discussing lyrics. We were actually having a hard time thinking about what to name this song to be honest! hahah! Raychel and I wanted something very simple and universal, so we picked it out from her phrase "cotton candy skies." We felt like it was perfect, short and sweet. 

4) What do you hope listeners will feel when listening to "Sky"?

I really just want my listeners to feel good after every song I write to be honest. We want people to feel what it's like to have a crush and to have those butterflies in your stomach when you think about that someone. During the drop, we just want them to express themselves and just go crazy! It's a fun song, so I want them to express their feelings in their own unique ways. 


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