From Southern California, this photographer has a great advantage to being in a place where both the beach side and city life, are easily accessible for the usage of inspiration derived by the atmospheres that he surrounds himself with. To say the least, Arthur K.’s photography undeniably shows how moved he can be by what he sees though his lens. Capturing the subject and their surroundings, Arthur can present in one picture that it’s not just about his perspective of the subject, but also about the subject’s unique quality and character. It doesn’t stop there, not only can he photograph impeccably well, but the editorial of each photo places another huge role in all his pictures. He is able to edit a photo to obtain a mood that correlates with the shot itself. He experiments with his settings, light, object/person of interest, as well as manipulation with the general visual outlook of the photo. With each photo he takes and edit he produces, it leaves a mental cliff hanger as to where we can get more of this style of creativity. It is easy to see that he pushes his boundaries of what he can do and offer to the world of art every time he sets a new project for himself. Getting vast recognition for his, what I would call, illusion photos, Arthur is able to get people’s attention with his minimalism yet complex work. To discover what inspiration Arthur has behind his photography, check out the interview I did with him below!


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Soundcloud: AK.

Question 1: What got you into photography? 
I first got into photography about seven months ago. As a music producer and audio engineer, I always found interest in all types of art and composition. Photography was a way for me to express my creativity in a way that music could not.

Question 2: Which people intrigue you or inspire you to pursue photography? 
I am inspired by all artists around me. With social media networks like Instagram, it's hard not to be inspired. 

Question 3: How would you define your style of work?
My style of work can be defined as minimalistic, from my music, to my photos, and even into to my personal fashion style, simple, but effective and impactful. 

Question 4: What do you hope someone will gain out of seeing your photography?
When seeing my photos, I hope people are influenced to create as well. For me, it's all about influencing and inspiring others to be great. I don't mind when someone takes an idea of mine and builds off of it. I learned in film school that every idea is derived from another. It's just our job as artists to incorporate our own style into what has already been created. It's not a competition but a collective of great works that we all feed off.

Question 5: What is your favorite photo or photos you have taken so far?
It's hard to favorite one of my own photos more than the other when I was in a different mood for each shot, but there's a quote that I live by as an artist making one of my photos stand out more than the others. When setting up for this specific photo, I repeated the quote to myself multiple times. And once I had gotten the couple shots I needed, I pretty much knew that I had achieved what I wanted to.

"We all die, the goal is not to live forever, the goal is to create something that will."

Question 6: How far do you plan on taking your photography? Any specific future plans or goals?
I plan to take photography as far as I can. Capturing moments and feels from different times is something I can do forever. I plan to eventually work and collaborate with other like-minded photographers and artists in the future, so it will always be something that interests me. For now I'm just enjoying the time and taking it as it goes.


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