For this series, I decided to interview my first artist, Mia Garcia. She paints dramatic pop like art. I would almost call it alternative garage art, like the music, if you didn't get that... I asked her six questions that you would hopefully find interesting about her and her work. In the future, I plan to hopefully interview other artists in all realms of art. 

Question 1: What got you into art? Specifically painting. 

I don't know. It's easier for me to paint than draw. There is more of a leeway for creativity. It is easier for me to express myself, especially with color. 

Question 2: What artists intrigue you or inspire you? 

Alex Prager. She does photography, sort of like still life. Her stuff is really cool. The mood she has is something I also like in my paintings. She also does short films.

Question 3: What influences your style of work?

Music. The type of music I listen to really. I listen to all kinds of music, specifically indie pop and rock.

Question 4: Would you define your work as a certain style? If so what?

Each painting that I do is different. Some are pop art, rustic or has elements of graffiti. It's like a mixture of everything. 

Question 5: What's your favorite piece you have done?

I don't name my paintings, but painting Number 9 because it's not just one person that did it. A whole bunch of creative minds created it. It's like a community painting. 

Question 6: Any plans for developing this into more than just a hobby? 

Yeah. I want to make art for restaurants and buildings. 

Why restaurants?

Not just restaurants but coffee shops. Those places have a constant flow of people. I feel that not many people go to galleries anymore. At places like the coffee shop, there are more chances of people seeing my work. 


Mia Garcia's Social Media:
Instagram: @miagarcia_x
Twitter: @mia_garcia_x


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