Geometric figures and testing mediums to give colorful results is what visual artist, Mushbuh delivers. Flat figures and everyday understandings breath through Mushbuh's comic series that are published via Peow Studios. Clay creations also show us a side of Mushbuh that dives into a medium that is slightly untouched today. Archeological concepts, this visual engineer puts imagination into a fictional history and culture. Not only is the art just stills but a video game project is in the works. Established in late 2016, Burrito Galaxy is a video game collaboration with kfaraday and online frog and it digs into the uses of vibrant colors, obscure characters, and galactic adventure. But it doesn't stop there! Abstract patterns and retro use in pigments, you can also find Mushbuh launching special pieces for the online clothing collection. Nothing but versatility flows from Mushbuh! Below check out the interview with this impeccable artist and read all about the inspirations that inspire Mushbuh's work! Enjoy!

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Question 1: What got you into making art and specifically, comic illustration?

This is an almost impossible question for me to answer, but owning computers/Mario paint when I was younger probably helped. I just like to make stuff so my friends can laugh. When people started giving me money to make stuff I was able to quit working retail and I do it full time. 

Comics are just a bunch of pictures and words, and I could make both of those things, so I started making little comics, then developing larger ones.

Question 2: What people intrigue or inspire you to pursue visual art? 

Patrick Crotty (Internal Affairs 3), KF , EMAMOUSE, Calum Bowen, Bug-Bus-Piano, Chris Harnan, HIMAA , Punimelt , FOODMAN, Jerry Paper, Mint Decot... lots more... 

Question 3: How would you define your style of artwork?

It's hard for me to do any form of self-evaluation like this. Most of the stuff I make is done very quickly on a whim. I've been more interested in just using default tools, and simple shapes lately though. People like Emamouse, Masano Hirayama, FOODMAN, and Chris Harnan have really helped me find more art I like and kind of understand stuff better. It's hard to consider myself as an artist in a sense. I kind of just make things.

I draw a lot every day, without thinking about it and can capture shapes and forms I like on paper... I really like "bad" kids drawings too. Most of the art in the world is probably made by kids on computers (MS Paint, Photoshop Kid Pix, whatever). For my comic 310,310, I exclusively use default illustrator colors and tools. I like how the comic seems kind of like a brute force machine attempt at a comic... 

Question 4: What do you hope someone will gain out of seeing the pieces you create? 

I don't really know. I just hope they like it and think its cool. I think most people are ok with picking up the kind of abstract side of my stuff. A lot of work I get is making album/single artworks for musicians. So I think they see that I am getting better at capturing the kind of stream of conscious stuff. 

As for comics, I try to provide as little details for forming a story as I need to, I also don't want people to know much about me either... I think it's funny to not name characters and kind of make things a mess, but still have something of a story left there. Most of my comics are about accepting things you cannot change immediately and becoming obsessive (to even a bad point) about the few things that you can. I think this is because I have become somewhat of a NEET since moving away after finishing school. But I like it. 

Question 5: What is your favorite piece and/or comic you have created so far?

I think that I feel genuinely proud of how BURRITOGALAXY.com is going. But that is thanks to KF and MASON as well. I'm so thankful I have such nice and talented friends working together to make a videogame with me. I hope the game does well so that we can continue to work together forever.

Aside from that.. don't know.. It's all crap but I have fun making it. I like making my "BOY DISCOVERED" sculptures and 310,310. Also, I had a good time making GOOD BOY HOUSE, which is a small book of 3 comics, it's not out yet though. 

Question 6: How far do you plan on taking your art? Any future plans or goals you wish to achieve?

I'd love to do installations and stuff some day. I have one installation planned for this year, but I just want to take part in shows and meet more cool people and eat food from different places. Maybe this is a bit of a selfish goal, however. 

Also, I want to make more comics and videogames.


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